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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Interviews with Child Sex Perpetrators - A Courageously Written Chronicle to Better Alert Innocents Who are Victims and Stalked by Predators

Although some new information may finally be forthcoming about the 1979 apparent cold case of missing 6 year old Etan Patz, a boy who may have been abusively murdered in New York over 30 years ago, the perpetrators of these kinds of crimes are seldom the subject of their own stories.

Justifiably, the innocent victims are the center of these horrible and seemingly random attacks. Too many thousands of them have happened since 1979, when little Etan disappeared, without a trace.

"The Innocent and the Evil" by William "Bill" Diamond, a Maine State Senator, is a newly published, courageously written, journal to protect victims of child sexual assault.  Diamond wants to help future victims by providing information he chronicled from dialogues he shared with the  predators of the heinous crimes.

I consider Diamond's chronicles to be courageous reporting, because he needed to speak with the people and the victims before obtaining the information he writes about. Diamond provides important first person interview documentation about the tragic subject we seem to read about on nearly a weekly basis.  This is, indeed, courageous interviewing.  I know this to be so, because, for 6 years I worked as the Director of Southern Maine Emergency Medical Services (SMEMS), when I participated in over 100 critical incident stress debriefings.  Believe me, it takes courage to hear horrible information conveyed, which is the reason for debriefings - so that people can somehow make sense of a terrible event.  Moreover, it takes amazing dedication to the cause of prevention for a write to write the brutal information.

Diamond's interest in prevention of child abuse has grown throughout his career as a Maine legislator.  In his book, he applies his knowledge of the issues into the stories of those who were victimized and the people who stalk the innocent.  Diamond's wrote this book with the intention of helping others, ie, clinical professionals, teachers, parents and protectors of the innocent. His candid warnings includes a chapter about the cunning disguises used by predators to lure victims.  I agree with him when he told me his purpose is to convey insight into the mind of the perpetrators for the purpose of protecting children, by alerting potential victims about what motivates these evil intended people.

Let's help the victims of child stalkers by giving Diamond's "The Innocent and the Evil" as much publicity as the terrible stories we read retrospectively about, usually with tragic consequences.

Diamond's book deserves national attention and book awards.  Thank you Bill for this achievement on behalf of the safety of children throughout the world.



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