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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Republican Convention Releases Tampa Security No-No Stuff - Guns Not On The List But String is a Risk

Another horrible murder in small town Greenland New Hampshire last week, raises the toll of gun related deaths, completely avoidable homicides, this time with beloved Police Chief Michael Maloney murdered in drug related violence.

In Sanford Florida, the recent avoidable death of Treyvon Martin was completely preventable, if George Zimmerman, who admitted to the homicide, did not own a gun.

Taxpayers pay for the fall out of these, and all other gun caused and violent crimes.

Gun related violence notwithstanding, I was appalled by the short side bar report in the April 13, 2012 "The Week", the only place I've seen this story in the news:

"Tampa (Fla) officials have released a list of items considered a security threat during the Republican National Convention in August, including water pistols, masks, and even pieces of string. Fire arms are not on the list.  State gun laws prohibit any local restriction on the carrying of guns. 'If we'd tried to regulate guns, it wouldn't have worked,' says a city official".

I buy string with a purpose. If I buy a water pistol, it's likely for a party where they may be used for entertainment.  Masks are purchased for masquerade.  Guns are purchased to kill.

Although second amendment rights for Americans to arm ourselves is sacred (if only people took freedom of religion as seriously), the intention by which people purchase guns must somehow be balanced.

Many people say they buy guns for self defense.  But perpetrators of violent gun crimes might also use this as their motivation to buy killing guns, while their real intentions are to murder others.

Therefore, I firmly believe gun related violence should hold the supporters of second amendment rights accountable for the cost this freedom burdens on communities, when the purpose has run amok.

In other words, the National Rifle Association (NRA) should be required or "mandated", to pay the cost of the murders in Greenland New Hampshire. This means paying for what taxpayers in the state and community now must pay for the clean up, investigation, morgue services, medical care, legal council, emergency medical services and insurance compensation for all the victims in this horrendous and preventable violent incident.

We know the NRA spends copious amounts of money to support second amendment rights for lobbyists and lawyers.

Likewise, the NRA should be mandated to pay equal amounts of their membership money to take care of the victims of their over zealous advocacy.

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