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Monday, May 07, 2012

American Religious Nuns Doing God's Work - Vatican Should Target Criticism Against those Deserving Reprimand

The New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof gets a nod under Best Columns published in May 11, 2012 The Week magazine:  The Vatican's Reprimand of American Nuns:

Here are my top 10 reasons why The Vatican should receive Penance for their unfair criticism of faithful women religious:

1.  The Vatican has many other problems to solve with their own clergy - recruitment, retention and recovery.  Don't waste energy creating problems with women religious.

2.  Speaking as a practicing Roman Catholic Woman, I've never seen a Vatican official working side by side with any Nuns, to observe the work they do with the poor, the disenfranchised, the disabled, the sick, the dying, the oppressed, the distressed, the depressed and those marginalized by society.  If Vatican men have worked side by side with Nuns, I have never seen evidence of it happening.

3.  Roman Catholic religious Nuns are the keepers of the Faith.  They teach children how to pray. Moreover, they have been the primary teachers for helping people to read, especially immigrants and prisoners.  In the increasingly secularized society, Roman Catholic Nuns are religious administrators of hospitals, schools, therapeutic group homes for children, the poor and mentally ill.

4.  Nuns are prayerful women!

5.  Roman Catholic nuns are disciples of Jesus Christ.

6.  Women religious are humble in dress, in religious devotion and in how they relate to those they care for.

7.  A woman religious is dully credited with bringing the Roman Catholic Church back to Rome while the Pope was living in exile in Avignon, France - her name is Saint Catherine of Sienna (1347-1380).  St. Catherine's extraordinary and exhaustive efforts laid the foundation for the Pope's return to Rome and, therefore, cemented the Vatican's presence in Italy!

8.  I witnessed Roman Catholic religious Columbine nuns from Ireland walk into filthy Philippine prisons to request incarcerated mothers if they could be allowed to care for their children in religious orphanages, while the women were in jail.  These nuns nurtured the babies the women trustfully handed over to the Nuns, knowing they would see their children again when their prison terms were complete - and, indeed, the children were returned when the mothers went to the orphanages to claim them.

9.  Women religious focus on helping people to achieve eternal salvation, rather than obsess over past sins.  For example, although every religious Nun I know abhors abortion, they seldom preach this doctrine retrospectively, because doing so,  creates a barrier to helping women better themselves.  Rather, they support women regardless of their past sins, instead of wasting time making them feel like they are to be condemned by events they were probably too powerless to control.  In other words, Nuns don't sit in judgement of other people. That's God job.

10.  Religious Nuns, as one entire body, deserve a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.  I wish there were a way to put them all into one organization so they'd collectively claim this esteemed honor.  The Vatican could never qualify for Nobel Peace Prize world wide recognition.  Maybe The Vatican could create a comparable Nobel Peace Prize, something like The Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta Peace Prize, and present it with a monetary award to religious Nuns, in recognition of their dedication to supporting the Beatitudes preached by Jesus Christ.

In my opinion, The Vatican in Rome, with all the men who create ridiculous reprimands, should walk in the shoes and alongside of Nuns in their daily work before criticizing them.

There's an overwhelming amount of sinister evil in the world, worthy of criticism and chastisement.
Praise God, the Nuns deserve just recognition.  God Bless Them.



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