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Monday, April 09, 2012

Maine Senate Candidate and Former Governor Angus King Speaks About the Value of Compromise

Maine's Governor Angus King with Juliana L'Heureux:  King calls for a renewed focus on compromise in the US Congress:  He's running as an Independent for the US Senate seat held by Senator Olympia Snowe, who announced she is stepping down in 2013.

Opening his campaign office in Brunswick ME today, April 9th, King spoke to a cheering crowd of about 300  friends, colleagues and well wishers who applauded his call for bringing back the leadership needed to create compromise in Washington DC.  King quoted President Abraham Lincoln, who demonstrated extraordinary leadership when America was bitterly divided by the devastating slavery issue and related politics, that lead to our American Civil War of 1861-65.

A public opinion poll released later in the day showed the Independent King has an early advantage over Democrats and Republicans running in their respective primary elections, with large percentages of undecided voters in both parties.  Although King has momentum, a strong message of working for change, name recognition and a positive perception by the public, the two national parties are already targeting his campaign with negative social media and advertisements.  King promised not to run any negative ads to win the US Senate seat, but he cautioned his supporters to prepare for a rough campaign.

Governor King's wife, Mary Hermon, thanked supporters and asked us all to brace ourselves for a difficult campaign.

From a personal point of view, I've worked with Governor King during his gubernatorial campaigns and in his administration, serving on a board and committees.  He's a brilliant communicator and a very accessible public servant.

Although it's difficult to imagine how any one person can change the entrenched stalemate now bogging down the US Congress, due to political partisanship, I believe Governor King, soon to be Senator King, is the best person our country can have in our government, who can bring hope for progress and change.

Angus King will not be influenced by the harsh partisanship in Congress.  I've seen him lead Maine.  I believe King can transcend the divisive politics of the US Congress, to improve our political discourse, while serving the people of Maine and our nation with intelligence, adorned by common sense.

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Blogger WiseFather said...

Being an independent vote that could swing the Senate majority puts Angus King in a powerful position. In a recent post, I argue how he can and should leverage this for the good of the republic. How a King Can Save American Democracy: Whether he has the guts to do so remains a question.

7:44 AM  

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