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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Supreme Court Justice Kennedy Makes the Salient Remark on Health Care Reform

Thank you Supreme Court Justice Kennedy - comment on Health Care Reform (ACA 2010) argument played verbatim on the Ed Show.  Justice Kennedy observed how all Americans are in the health insurance risk pool- whether they pay for coverage or not; but those who have coverage are paying the actuarial costs of care for those who don't pay their own way.

Right now, in the absence of the ACA 2010, and facing the health risks associated with an aging population, the cost of caring for all in the risk pool, including those without coverage, will increase the overall cost of everyone else's care. It's called "cost shifting" and it's already been going on for decades.

As more people have health insurance, as per implementation of the ACA 2010, the percentage of cost shifting will decrease, as more people will be pay for their own coverage.  Thank you Justice Kennedy for asking the right salient question!  Please hold your thought on this issue - it's the right question.

When it comes to what's Constitutional ( my opinion):  it's not constitutional to expect all of us to  pay for a growing number of uninsured who eventually need catastrophic health care without being able to pay for it.

A mandate for all who can afford to pay for health care insurance is required to provide incentives for reducing otherwise rising costs.



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