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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Scarlett O'Hara or Henny Penny - Coming to a Convention Near You!

A little more drama is reported every day within the Occupy Wall Street movement, whereby disenfranchised or unemployed (or both) people demonstrate in public areas against the concept of corporate greed. 

Since there's no outstanding leader to point out, either to demonize or canonize, there isn't much "new news" to report about the movement on a daily basis - except, these people don't go away. 

Perhaps a surprise October major snow storm in the Northeast will put some indoors for awhile; but, come Spring thaw, I predict this group will emerge, angry as ever. They'll especially be attracted to the media flocks preparing to gather at both the Democrat and Republican national hoop-la-las, called Party Conventions, preparing for the election of the US President, 2012.  But, I worry that both parties are intentionally marginalizing these people, sort of discrimination by avoidance.

Marginalization of the Occupy Wall Street movement by political parties, do so at their peril. Maybe they're afraid of being called  Henny Penny's by their respective party strategists, trying to avoid the "sky is falling" potential of Occupy Wall Street. Or, on the other hand, they might adopt Scarlett O'Hara's mantra, to simply think about this movement tomorrow. 

"Fiddle-dee-dee!"  Let somebody else care!

Hopefully, both parties are sitting in cloistered strategy sessions trying to figure out what to do next. Democrats might be the Scarlett's of this strategy, pointing out how Republicans don't care about people who are out of work.  Are Republicans saying "Fiddle-dee dee" while their GOP party implodes on their short sighted economic ideologies? Let's worry about balancing the budget by cutting taxes?

On the other hand, Republicans can drape the Occupy Wall Street movement into a group of Democratic wanna-bees. Are the Occupy Wall Street people just whiners?  Are they the Henny Penny crowd?

Usually, the truth is someplace right down the middle of these ideological runways. Although I'm an outside observer, I suspect conservative and liberal factions exist within the Occupy Wall Street movement.  They appear to be unified by their circumstances - a group of intelligent, young, upwardly mobile, and educated people who are out of luck and lacking opportunities to achieve their piece of the American Dream. 

Hmmm, isn't this how have modern social revolutions began?

Both political parties must have a strategy in place for validating the Occupy Wall Street Movement before their national conventions convene.  Validation is neither acceptance nor endorsement - but levels the discussion so that people can be heard. 

Republicans are not very adept at this sort of appeasement - I can't imagine a rightwingextremist saying "I understand your pain".. But, I suggest Republicans learn from the fate of Scarlett O'Hara, who lost the love of her life for lack of interest in Rhett Butler's attentions.

As for the Democrats, when the Occupy Wall Street movement closes in on a party convention near them, I suspect their best strategy is to co-opt the Henny Penny mentality. Indeed, if you are a person among the employable but unemployed, then, indeed, the sky is falling on you.  If Republicans say tax cuts produce jobs, then where's the evidence of this idea?  As the US is the lowest taxed nation in the world, our unemployment rate should correlate to "zero".  So, low taxes are clearly not the answer or this economic bullet would have worked by now. 

Rather, the answer is to get Republican obstructionists everywhere to convince their corporate friends to hire rather than marginalize people who want jobs. 

In the end, Scarlett O'Hara never resolved anything in her short fictional life. 

Henny Penny, on the other hand, called people to action.  



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