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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Governor Christie - Republican Regional Favoritism

Republican persons who want to be the President of the United States, now and in the future, must learn to speak as leader of all 50 states and territories.

The badly needed rising star of the Republican party, Governor Christie of New Jersey, wrongly commented against President Obama for creating class distinction to get re-elected, but his tangential statement lacked statesmanship.  I expected more of Governor Christie than finger pointing rhetoric, all the while giving an excuse for his own unwillingness to run for the GOP presidential nomination.  "It's not my time," he said.

In other words, according to Christie, President Obama is being unnecessarily incendiary because he's putting rich against poor, or using other socio-economic discrimination factors to get re-elected.

Another example of Republican hypocrisy stirred up after Christie's statements:  Soon after Governor Christie declined his chance at the GOP nomination, he went on to endorse Governor Mitt Romney for the job. Governor Rick Perry didn't use the Christie endorsement to say anything substantial. Rather than rise above this spotlight on Romney, the Republican "wanna'be" Governor Perry accused his New Jersey colleague of "regional favoritism".  Now, there's a non-unifying statement - worse than the socio-economic marginalization projected on President Obama by Governor Christie!

When will Governor Perry begin acting like a presidential candidate who is interested in being President of the United States of America?  He's even written about Texas secession. Now, he points fingers in the direction of creating a Balkan US North East, even singling out respected members of his own political party.

Likewise, Governor Christie has no business wrongly accusing President Obama of creating class distinctions in America when the problems of "have's" versus the "have-nots" are as evident as New Jersey Turnpike's tractor-trailer trucks.

Governor Christie is an intelligent man who might want a future run for President of the United States.  Meanwhile, he should practice-practice-practice statesmanship and learn to rise above the lowest rhetorical common denominator to engage public attention.

Most important, as future presidential material, Christie needs to speak the truth.  Plan speaking, he's good at that, is not always truthful speaking.  Accusing President Obama of creating class distinctions, especially when they already exist, is just an attention getting gimmick, unworthy of Governor Christie's intelligent political aspirations.

Potential Republican presidential nominees must stop whining and start producing new ideas. Rather than creating crises, they need to propose solutions to problems.  If this lack of leadership continues to implode the GOP, I suspect the accumulated ineptness will create even worse political divides - it happened once before, creating divisions so horrible it caused a Civil War.

Not only do we endure the horrors of Democrats versus Republicans, we have the Christians suspect of all the other American based religions and now, another new dilemma, labeled "regional favoritism".

This sand throwing in the play ground is regressive behavior. Worse, divisive rhetoric is a terrible harbinger for a strong and united future for all Americans. Do we really mean it when we Pledge of Allegiance to the "United States of America"?  Our political leaders should, indeed, they must, start setting a unifying tone.



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