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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dominionism and Constructionism

Regardless of how the concepts "Dominionist" and "Constructionist" are defined, they're both frighteningly iconic words. They're similar attributes when applied to the rhetoric of American Right Wing Extremists (RWE-RWEs). But they are polar opposite concepts.

As I understand it, Dominionists, in a nutshell, espouse that America is divinely destined to be Christian.  Of course, supporters could say my simplistic definition is too abrupt, but they can't deny the religious manifest destiny of my understanding of Dominionism.

Constructionists, on the other hand, take a concrete literal interpretation of the American Constitution authored by Thomas Jefferson.

How can both concepts be supported by Dominionists who are also Constructionists?

Thomas Jefferson wrote and the US Constitutional Congress adopted:
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof".
This statement was later upheld in the courts and subsequently interpreted as calling for separation of the church and state.  If the strict interpretation of Jefferson's words are supported by Constructionists, then  they simply cannot, using any reasonable thought process, claim Dominionism.

Therein, of course, is the root cause of RWE-RWE antics. By declaring their ideas true, they eliminate logical thinking as a path to improve their understanding of how to inspire, lead, compromise or influence people.

RWE-RWEs rule by decree. They embrace concepts whether they're supported by science, or not; based on logic, or not; even standing up for beliefs proven to be untrue.

For example, RWE-RWEs believe global warming is not real, regardless of the science to support the argument. Illogical support for Dominionism and Constructionism, as tenets of Americanism, are confusing to challenge, but RWE-RWEs love it when their convoluted thinking goes unchallenged.

RWE-RWEs were the group claiming President Obama was not born an American citizen in the US state of Hawaii.  These fringe political attackers of President Obama simply said what they believed to be true, regardless of the proof of "truth", otherwise.

In a world where mass communications transmits lies faster than truths, it's important for Americans to demand accountability from leaders, lest we fall off a political cliff due to some cooked up ideas spewed by a fringe political group.

Let's nip Domionism and Constructionism where it hurts the most: let's take out these concepts by applying the light of logical interpretations.

In other words, let's correctly define Dominionism and Constructionism for those hypocritical people who harbor both concepts for the sake of getting their own political way.



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