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Friday, August 26, 2011

Politicians: Learning from a Red Sox Nation

Baseball thinking can help Governor Rick Perry, Representative Eric Cantor, ex-Governor Sarah Palin and Representative Michele Bachmann to become statesmen and women.

It occurs to me how the bumper sticker seen around New England reading "Red Sox Nation" can provide behavioral leadership training for extreme partisan politicians like the GOP wanna-be presidential line up. Those bumber stickers supporting New England's faithful Red Sox fans just might offer support to politicians who are intransigent about ideological differences.

Red Sox Nation means New England, the regional place where the USA democracy began. It's where the Shot Heard Around the World was fired on the bridge at Lexington and Concord Massachusetts signaling the start of the American Revolution.

All kinds of people live in New England, i.e., rich, poor, Republicans, Isolationists, Socialists, Independents, Democrats, Libertarians and Green Party types, to name some.  But they put differences aside when it comes to being a Red Sox Nation. New Englanders love their Red Sox.

Baseball fans know how New Englanders stuck by their Red Sox for decades, despite the team never winning a world series, until they broke the "curse of the Bambino" in 2004 .  But this blog is not about winning, it's about loosing.  When the Boston Red Sox lost the 1986 World Series game, it was because an individual goofed; but he has since been vindicated. He is Bill Buckner.  I want to thank Bill and give him credit in this blog, because this gentleman makes my point

If Red Sox fans today can stand up to cheer Bill Buckner when he throws out the first pitch of a home game at Boston's Fenway Park, then I submit that intransigent politicians can surely get over their ideological differences and solve problems.  Even in loosing, the fans understand the team is important and Buckner was just one player on the Boston Red Sox.  He can't take the fall or the glory alone.

Okay, life is not like a baseball game, or is it?

Red Sox Nation people get along despite the diversity of the six close knit states called New England. Despite high levels of emotion spewed out during a baseball game, the Red Sox Nation stands steadfastly behind the entire team, even honoring Bill Buckner.

Some American politicians entrenched in narrow minded thinking lack respect or deference for how others feel or believe about the role of government. They should take lessons from the place where our Democracy began.

To be statesmen and women, they could learn a little about compassion from the fans of the Red  Sox Nation.

Statesman and woman are compassionate, intelligent human beings who rise above partisanship. Their leadership skills demonstrate love of country more than support for polarizing ideology.

When right wing extremist presidential candidates are in New England testing their messaging during campaign bus trips,  we should invite them to watch a Red Sox baseball game at Fenway.  They will see fans from six or more US states (and maybe Canada, too) all rooting for the same home team. 

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