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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Michele Obama: America's First Lady With Heart

No doubt about it, Michele Obama is a charismatic first lady of the United States.

She's beautiful, articulate, compassionate and brilliantly able to communicate her heart felt and positive messages for America.  Yesterday, she poke to a crowd in Portland ME.  Being with her was like having your favorite Aunt come to dinner. Her smile lights up an entire room - a  big room.

My favorable impression of Mrs.Obama was firmly planted when my husband Richard and I saw her speak yesterday afternoon to an enthusiastic group of supporters at Portland's beautiful Ocean View Terminal, a picturesque facility on Casco Bay

Supporters of President Obama expect the First Lady to rally followers. But, Mrs.Obama exceeded expectations. She reached out to the audience with an appeal I've not seen from other political speakers.

She uses natural language, putting her audience at ease with a heartfelt request to join with her in supporting a 2012 Presidential Victory. Her appeal seemed more like an invitation to become her personal friend than a political campaign speech.

I overheard most of those leaving Mrs. Obama's speech, (there were approximately 800 of us, but I'm not good at estimating crowd size), carrying a sense of pride at having the privilege of being in her pleasant company.
Of all American First Ladies, I can't think of another who could sincerely rally a crowd like Mrs.Obama.  Although other First Ladies are influential by virtue of their special access to their husbands, Mrs.Obama seemed able to share her window to her husband, through her compassionate heart.

What did she say? It was mostly about the touching way she said it.  She spoke about our children.  She said if one child is hurting, then all our children are hurting. She said if one person is hurting, then all Americans are hurting. She said, if one family is on hard times, we Americans feel the need to respond. "We are our Brother's Keeper."  This is what her husband President Barack Obama is trying to accomplish.  He wants all Americans to have opportunities to share in the American Dream.

Of course, the serious side of Mrs.Obama's message was clear.  The alternative to her husband's re-election is to turn back the clock on progressive policies. In eloquent style, she spoke about the need to protect small businesses, the environment, to pass The American Jobs Act, to support the Affordable Care Act (health care reform) and for the appointment of progressive Supreme Court justices. 

Thank you Mrs.Obama, for bringing your warm and caring style, grace, sense of joy in being an American and political enthusiasm to Portland, Maine.  Speaking for those of us with you yesterday, Friday September 30, 2011,  we are, indeed, "with you", as you requested. 

I suspect, if Mrs.Obama's charisma reaches every American, there would be no need for Republicans to waste millions of dollars trying to bring down her progressive husband as President, or to obstruct his ability to succeed.

By the time the 2012 Democratic Convention in Charlotte, South Carolina convenes, I suspect Mrs.Obama will have perfected her campaign style to the point where the entire country will have an opportunity to share the joy we felt yesterday, listening to her in Portland.

Her message and style are nearly impossible acts for Republicans to follow - none of them have demonstrated compassion for Americans. Nor, are they able to articulate a positive unifying message. Mrs.Obama claims a copyright on both.

Her heart is likely big enough to reach out to Republicans, too, if they would abandon rhetoric and respond to Mrs.Obama's message: "We are our Brother's Keeper".



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