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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Health Care Reform : This Supreme Court Defined "Tax" is Already Being Paid By People Who Buy Health Insurance

Kudos to Supreme Court Justice John Roberts to define the penalty for not buying health care insurance as a "tax". Indeed, he's right.  Republicans already pay a big tax on their health insurance benefits when their premiums are calculated to pay for the cost shifting already going on among providers who pass the charges for the uninsured on to private payers.  So, now, the people who DON'T buy health insurance will pay this tax rather than having it shifted to those who already pay.

As for the expansion of Medicaid in the Supreme Court Ruling, this provision has always been a regulatory implementation under the authority of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the same government agency that oversees the reimbursement of Medicare.

In summary, the Constitutionality of the Health Care Reform Act (HCA) has been thankfully upheld!  This mandate, or now a "tax", is essential, because, in the absence of the supported requirement for everyone to buy insurance, the insurers would plead for being unable to afford to provide for coverage regardless of pre-existing conditions.

Already, without taking a breath, enemies of President Obama are blasting the airwaves with anti health care reform negative advertisements. Yet, even the voice over by authority figures are saying they "don't know" what the law will mean in the long run.  What the HCA law means, absolutely, without reservation, is that people will pay for their own health care insurance or risk being penalized or "taxed", while those who already pay will not see costs for the uninsured shifted to their premiums.

HCA Medicaid coverage discussions and arguments will be figured out in the context of the authority CMS has to promulgate rules for reimbursement as published in the Federal Register.  Pundits should take time to interview CMS executives rather than political operatives if they want to get an authoritative opionion about this reform provision.

Regardless of how politicians feel about the Health Care Affordability Act, the Supreme Court has declared it to be Constitutional and millions of Americans will now be required to buy health insurance. What in the world do Republicans have against people buying insurance?

Those who oppose this Supreme Court ruling are the people who already have coverage. News pundits and right wing extremists should speak with the millions who will finally have access to health care denied due to their insurance status, before speaking to repeal and replace.

By the way, "Repeal and Replace" - with what? With Romneycare?



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