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Monday, March 12, 2018

Republicans lie about immigration ~ echo from David Brooks

In a summary (abbreviated) article, published in February 9, 2018, edition of "The Week", the New York Times columnist David Brooks described what American immigrants really look like and, in contrast, how Republicans conjure up lies to describe them.

Immigrants who are assimilating are living the American Dream.

David Brooks wrote:

As an advocate of moderation, Id like to be able to claim there's a reasonable middle ground on immigration. But, when you wade into the evidence, you find that the case for restricting immigration is pathetically weak.  Restrictionists insist the country currently has too many immigrants, bot legal and illegal, and that they're competing for jobs and eroding America's culture But, let's look at rural America from New England down to Appalachia and over to the upper Midwest. These places are often 95 percent white, with few immigrants. Are these places thriving? 

Rather, the situation is quite the opposite.

Those are some of America's most blighted communities, with few new businesses and jobs, widespread family breakdown, and rampant opioid addiction. Immigrants, on the other hand, show far more traditional American values than the native-born: Ambitious and optimistic they start new businesses at twice the rate of non-immigrants, have fewer our-of-wedlock children and commit less crime.  Moreover, the second and third generations of Hispanic and Asian immigrants are indeed assimilating, intermarrying and even identifying themselves as being white. 

It's no wonder some native born Americans resent immigrants, who are proving that the American Dream still works, when people are willing to do anything to succeed.  

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