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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Guns opinion ~from the Virginian Pilot news

In my opinion, this letter published by a Virginian is a succinct and convincing argument about the gun regulations debate.

I own a deadly weapon that I operate almost every day. 

It is my car.

In order to drive my car, I had to be a certain age. I had to pass a written test and an operator’s test to prove that I knew the rules of the road and could operate the car safely. I had to purchase a license, which must be renewed periodically.

I am required to maintain insurance, which costs several hundred dollars a year, to protect other people in case I injure someone or damage others’ property with my vehicle.

But I can walk into a store and purchase many types of guns, including assault-style weapons, without any proof that I am mentally stable, know how to operate the weapons safely or have any insurance to protect the innocent people I might maim or kill either by accident or deliberately.

I shake my head in wonder at how anyone could continue to defend such irresponsible laws.

Elaine Scholl-Iglecia, Virginia Beach VA

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