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Friday, March 09, 2018

Arkansas ~ echo opinion about keeping schools safe from guns

My random searches through the nation's newspaper opinion pages always (and I mean always) produces some glimmer of hope for the future or out nation.  Every newspaper carries more than a few letters from thoughtful people who understand big picture perspectives on the current issues, like guns. A reasonable point of view about gun safety in schools.

This is a hopeful point of view from the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Arming teachers won't make anyone feel safe

I have written to our governor concerning Donald Trump's suggestion that we arm teachers to shoot back at an active shooter that might attack their school. I find this complete and utter lunacy. I strongly oppose this suggestion. Kids are already stressed out enough by lockdown drills. 

Who knows what effect adding another level of danger and anxiety in school will have on them? This doesn't make me or my children feel safer. This only makes me feel more afraid to send my kids to school.

I'd like to see more done to protect my children at school, however this is not a reasonable means of protection. An armed sheriff did not deter the shooter in Parkland, Florida. 

I would like to see metal detectors put in schools and better locks before we even consider bringing guns into the classroom. Is that something you'd be willing to consider to keep our children safe? I sincerely hope the Arkansas governor will think about it.

Ellen Dinger ~ Rogers Arkansas

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