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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Another veteran writes against guns in schools ~ Oklahoma

I've been impressed by the number of veterans who have written newspaper letters to the editors about their opposition to teachers being armed as a way to deal with random acts of school gun violence. While I've been randomly cruising the nation's newspaper opinion pages, the arming of teachers is receiving negative feedback from veterans because they are acutely aware of the risks of having even more guns in schools. An echo.......
Letter written by Jerry L. Donathan, McAlester Oklahoma, published in Tulsa World.

There has been a lot of discussion on school safety since the last school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

This is a very sensitive topic in reference to whether to arm teachers. I have heard more against arming teachers, however, there are many for arming. I am against arming teachers, however, security and safety is very necessary in these current times and this must be given careful and progressive thought. 
Arming teachers carries numerous additional responsibilities to their current responsibility of teaching. I am a veteran of the Navy and Army. We were required to qualify yearly on our weapons along with numerous training exercises involving weapons and tactics.

Just to get a concealed-carry permit and yearly weapons training isn’t enough for weapons safety in schools. Monthly training should be required. The old saying "use it or loose it" has meaning. Granted, there are teachers who are very qualified weapons handlers and could follow defense tactics in certain incidents. 
But, these incidents come in unexpected, surprising manners. 
With extensive training on a regular basis, a person should respond correctly, however, there is no guarantee this will happen. 
With the daily presence of weapons in the presence of students, the risk of an accidental weapons discharge increases.
Lawmakers, communities and schools should not rush to arm teachers. Let us unite and develop a sound safe solution.

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