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Friday, October 06, 2017

Donald Trump and the degrading paper towel volley

Republicans have to somehow stop the leadership cycle of stirring fear, causing intimidation and creating bigotry coming from Donald Trump. In fact, Donald Trump's abysmal behavior in Puerto Rico was beneath the dignity of any human being, while he was supposed to be offering help and support for their devastated human condition. Moreover, beautifully coiffed Melania Trump looked like she was a Greek stone statue standing next to her insensitive husband. She should be ashamed of herself for standing stoically by, while Trump created a toxic environment for the Puerto Rican people, who need help. Trump tossed rolls of paper towels over their heads in a degrading act, to signify their responsibility to clean up their island. Meanwhile, the Puerto Rican people were desperate for drinking water.
Disgusting degrading behavior when the Puerto Rican people are desperate for drinking water
I'm wondering if Education Secretary Betsy DeVos took note of the brand name on those disgusting paper towels Donald Trump threw at water needy Puerto Rico people.  I'm sure she'd have preferred to see him throw her company's logo, by using Amway products.

It's beyond my comprehension as a human being to try and understand how Republicans continue to tolerate this humiliating behavior by Donald Trump. Paper towel volley ball is no way to show Puerto Rico people how they are valued as American citizens.

My advice to all Republicans is to get out from under the evils being perpetrated by the Donald Trump administration before your legacies are glued like dark shadows to his worsening behaviors.

Somebody in the Republican party must show moral leadership and tell the American people that Donald Trump is unfit to be President of the United States. Please.

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