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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Donald Trump's failed leadership will never produce results

Peggy Noonan: ‘Donald Trump is Weak and sniveling’

Peggy Noonan tore into Donald Trump in an opinion article, but she didn't resort to profanity to make her obvious points. (Anthony Scaramucci alert!)

(I'm pretty sure journalist Peggy Noonan's Opinion in The Wall Street Journal had a startling impact on Donald Trump. Something must be done to fix his out of control egotistical style, before he destroys our nation. Since Republican's are inept about addressing the leadership problem, perhaps Peggy Noonan's opinion has had an impact. (Evidently, something is going on in the White House this July weekend and it's not playing golf.)

This is a rare July weekend in Donald Trump's short tenure, because he doesn't have any golf outings scheduled. 

In fact, there are no reported appointments or activities on the White House calendar, during this weekend of July 27-10, 2017.
There have been far too many horrific communications and management gaffs to ignore, so something is going on to fix this problem.  

Indeed, something must be done to fix the White House's hierarchical communications issues.  Now that Sean Spicer and Reince Preibus have resigned, there isn't anybody to direct "who does what".  

It's like a classic and organizational "Who's on First?".

In my opinion, the internal White House dynamics are so bad that people are likely spending time hiding in the White House bathrooms, rather than face their peers. 

Indeed, the White House is in an operational crises and, thereby, must be employing experts to fix the horrible internal communications dynamics. (So, "Who is on first?")

American security depends on the White House communications operating smoothly. Obviously, I'm an outsider, but somebody who understands group dynamics. To me, the mismanagement facts are clear. Donald Trump's administrative leadership team (ie, those who appear to work in the "fly infested" West Wing) are meeting to reorganize, while the flies are buzzing over their heads (evidently, the West Wing has a "fly" problem, not associated with men's pants). 

Trump's incompetent team are meeting in a coven to fix what's wrong with themselves. They take solace in that plenty of lawyers are hanging around to help, but I'm sure there are also a gaggle of psychologists who are leading Gum-By-Ya sessions, this weekend.

Donald Trump's house of horror advisers used horrific bully tactics to kick out the people they didn't like, as in the Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus.  Those two gentlemen had at least some sense of propriety about them, even if they looked completely ridiculous while trying to make their boss (Donald Trump) look to be quasi presidential.  

Now, in my opinion, Donald Trump is probably being held like a political prisoner by two military advisers, being General McMaster who is leading the National Security Agency and his colleague Marine General Kelly, who was hired to replace Priebus.

I don't know about anybody else, but I wouldn't want to be living under the scrutiny of two military generals. Especially, because you can bet that those two military leaders are getting along (take that to the proverbial gossip bank). In fact, McMaster and Kelly are talking together like long lost brothers. Betcha', they have a plan for Donald Trump. Their plan is this: You will become presidential or we'll personally report you to our highest authority! 

In other words, Donald Trump will be impeached within weeks for incompetence unless he straightens out and behaves like a world leader, instead of like an immature teenager.  

By now, most US presidents would be anxious to be respected, but Donald Trump's reputation is circling the political drain because of his irresponsible "tweeting".

Good luck to General McMaster and General Kelly. Perhaps you two can do what 70 years of public scrutiny failed to do, in efforts to create a human being out of Donald Trump's out of control ego.

Nevertheless, my fear is that you two military experts and masters of leadership, will fail.  Donald Trump will fire both of you, before he complies with any leadership development plan. Meanwhile, we can only pray for the well being of our nation during this tenuous political time.

Something must be done to fix Donald Trump. (Impeachment would be my recommendation!)

Otherwise, the short Donald Trump administration will be remembered for never producing any progressive policies and only negative political results.

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