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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Thanking the Maine delegation in support of health care

In Lewiston Maine today with OFA (Organizing for Action) where I spoke about the need for access to affordable quality health care, with Maine State Senator Nate Libby of Androscoggin County, July 29 at Dufrense Park, in Lewiston.

With Tammie Fowles LCSW, of Wayne Maine at the Lewiston "thank you" rally!

Health Care rally July 29 at Dufrense Park in Lewiston Maine

 Lewiston, Me- Thank you Marc Malon for invited me to speak.

Thank you to Senator Susan Collins and Senator Angus King and Congresswoman Chellie Pingree for supposing Americans right to have access to quality affordable health care via the Affordable Care Act.

I would like to help educate our Congress about how military families benefit from having access to buying health insurance via the Obamacare exchanges. 

I speak as the wife of a retired US Navy veteran. My husband served 23 years in the US Navy and he is a Vietnam veteran two times, once with the US Seabees in Chu Lai and a second deployment on the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid.  We both feel strongly about protecting access to health care for veterans and for their families.
Although active duty military and their families have the benefit of complete family coverage while the sponsor is on active duty, the fact is, this benefit  is lost when the military sponsor leaves active duty without serving 20 years to qualify for retirement.  

In other words, when an active duty military person, many of them who have been deployed multiple times to war zones, their families lose all access to health care on the day of their sponsor’s discharge.

Therefore, military families rely on their opportunity to access the insurance exchanges supported by the AffordableCare Act, especially if family members of discharged 
veterans require coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Congress must realize how the Affordable Care Act benefits all Americans who need helath insurance, but we often overlook how the hyoung families if dischanged active duty veterans need this coverage.

We appreciate the opportunity to educate our lawmakers about the urgency of this coverage.

Marc Malon with Kevin Simpson of Auburn (pic left), in Lewiston for Thank You rally.

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