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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Scaramucci White House poster gallery- Morticia and Eddie Munster

Only six months into the failed Donald Trump administration and it's already turning the historic White House into a House of Horrors.

Staffers go to work everyday thinking the proverbial "pink slip" will be in their Inbox, signed by someone in a Munster family re-run.  

If the newly appointed communications director (failure) Scaramucci wants to completely eliminate White House leaking, he should lock the door to the Oval Office and never let Donald Trump get near his Twitter account. Otherwise, Scaramucci is just a stand in for the Godfather III sequel or waiting for a casting call by producers of "Munsters Return".

It appears the White House portrait gallery is turning into a movie poster bill board with the lead characters coming directly out of the Munsters Returns sequels. 

Anthony Scaramucci (scare-muchi) look alike:  Eddie Munster
Which one is the real "Scare-muchi"?

Now look at the "Morticia" look alike?  Guess who?

White House communications portrait gallery looks like a movie billboard, for Munster sequels

The two similarities are beyond coincidental. It's almost like they are intentional, made to undermine the credibility of their importance. In fact, these horror images and the personalities behind them are laughable and their communications are unworthy of the White House.



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