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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Waukegan Daily Herald- Echo letter to the editor: GOP doesn't care

And today we hear from Waukegan Illinois- "GOP Doesn't Care", in the "Echo" series of randomly selected letters to the editor.

GOP just doesn't care- Waukegan Daily Herald

Buffalo Grove, Ilinois- Is it possible, that any normal-intelligence person believes that the president of the U.S.A. will get an American congress to appropriate a few hundred billion dollars to build a wall 1,400 or 1,500 miles long, 30 feet high along the U.S.-Mexico border, and will he get Mexico to pay for the wall?

Is it possible that an American congress will vote to knock 15 to 25 million people off health care rolls? That after promising publicly to the entire nation that his unyielding goal will be to protect Medi­caid and Medicare and Social Security, he will move heaven and earth to advance legislation that will cut, reduce or privatize, or elimin­ate those provisions for lower- and medium-income American families?

Is it possible an American president will debase and demean the Ameri­can intelligence agencies (CIA? FBI? NSA? and others) -- our very basic defenders of our freedoms -- and the one, most central freedom in our constitution, the free press, in order to put down any criticism or any difference of opinion on his hysterical, incompetent, juvenile, bullying rants?

(Sadly)- It is possible that some Americans will answer "yes" to these questions. And now, there are some who will agree that the recent request from this least-qualified, authoritarian, so-called president for voters' personal information is for what? To see who he can go over and prevent from voting again? So he can control the vote? So he can prevent those who voted against him from voting again? If this is not the purest form of fascism, government dictatorship, it sure smells like it.

And the story being planted by the Republican pols (like Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana) that "the American people want the freedom to choose their medical insurance plans as they prefer," is the biggest lie of the big-money party to date. The truth is the American people want medical insurance coverage; and if they don't have enough mo­ney to pay for it, they want the same program provided for senior citi­zens (Medicare), as they have the same desperate needs for coverage, whatever their age and circumstance.

But the GOP just doesn't give a hoot.

Frank Sears  Buffalo Grove

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