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Thursday, June 01, 2017

Evidently the planet "earth' just isn't a big enough planet for Trump to save

Perhaps, in "renegotiation" (what a joke!) of the Paris Climate Acccord, Donald Trump might consider supporting the global agreement, if the name on the treaty was "Trump saves earth from suffocation". Instead, just saving the earth from the disastrous effects of human caused pollution doesn't interest him, unless his name is attached to the title. Unfortunately, when the earth is consumed by noxious pollution, the remains will have Donald Trump's name on the disasterous results; Todays terrible, June 1st, decision to withdraw from the agreement was a wrong minded action, with no justification, other than just so he can say he did it.

What's the point of having Ivanka Trump and Jarod Kushner as his personal executive advisers, if Donald Trump disregards their pleas to comply with the Paris Climate Accord (as they advocated in favor of remaining in the universal agreement)?

In fact, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner didn't even attend President Donald Trump’s announcement that the U.S. would exit the climate agreement. A White House official said the couple attended synagogue for the Jewish holiday of Shavout.

Moreover, Donald Trump should return his autographed copy of the enclycical "Laudato Si", written about protecting the earth's environment, signed by Pope Francis.

As usual, Andy Borowitz called it right in his satire- except the failed Trump climate isn't humorous, although he makes it appear to be so.


WASHINGTON- DC (The Borowitz Report)In a dramatic announcement from the White House Rose Garden on Thursday, Donald J. Trump pronounced the planet Earth a “loser” and vowed to make a better deal with a new planet.

“Earth is a terrible, very bad planet,” he told the White House press corps. “It’s maybe the worst planet in the solar system, and it’s far from the biggest.”
Trump blasted former President Barack Obama for signing deals that committed the United States to remain on the planet Earth indefinitely. “Obama is almost as big a loser as Earth,” Trump said. “If Obama was a planet, guess what planet he’d be? That’s right: Earth.”

When asked which planet he would make a new deal with, Trump offered few specifics, saying only, “The solar system has millions of terrific planets, and they’re all better than Earth, which is a sick, failing loser.”

Trump’s remarks drew a strong response from one of the United States’ NATO allies, Germany’s Angela Merkel. “I strongly support Donald Trump leaving the planet Earth,” she said.

(Danka! Angela!)

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