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Friday, May 26, 2017

Cincinnati Inquirer letters to editor- Health Care

Two interesting "letters to the editor" responding to the House Republican health care plan, published in the Cincinnati Enquirer:

What is hard for me to understand is, Republicans are against abortion and yet they are overjoyed about not taking care of people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Also, what happens when the child that can't be aborted has a pre-existing condition?

Pre-conditions will cause people to die. Some of those have children. I have a friend that has cancer and has a 14-year-old. What happens to that child?

I had voted for Brad Wenstrup. But, as soon as I knew he had voted yes for this bill (AHCA), I immediately called his office and told whoever answered that he will never have my vote again.

From: Day Lemming, Hyde Park

And another letter:

It's time for US to get serious about health care

The folly surrounding the passage of the recent House bill (ACHA) on health care shows that maintaining the current partisanship only postpones a real solution to our health care needs in the United States. We can learn from many other countries how government at the national level supports and treats the health care of its citizens.

I would like to see the Cincinnati Enquirer highlight in a series the general outlines of health care in Canada, England, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, China and others.

We would like the Enquirer to compare the best of these systems with the House Bill 676 for a single-payer system in the United States. (!- Yes!)

Perhaps by some working knowledge of how other systems benefit their populations, we can begin to put our people first in providing the best care for our citizens. It's time health care gets the same attention as the defense of our country. Healthy citizens are the bedrock of our great nation.

From: Elaine Berninger, Cleves

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