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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Maine needs new gubernatorial leadership

Democrat Adam Cote to run for governor in Maine as a political outsider and military leader.  

He said, "I learned leadership through 20 years as a soldier in places like Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan and 16 years in the private sector, as both a small businessman and a renewable energy attorney.”

Indeed, we support Adam Cote for Maine's new governor.

"There's an opportunity for Maine to reclaim "Dirigo", the state's "I lead" mission. 
Adam Cote is the candidate who can fulfill the state's motto.

In fact, the right candidate who will put Maine and the nation's governor's on to the path to a progressive renaissance is the Sanford native, Major Adam Cote, who is a war veteran and public policy leader. In the gubernatorial campaign launched by Major Adam Cote, the state of Maine has leadership potential to revive our international stature as a progressive state; plus forge a strong alliance with our international shared heritage with Canada, and the state's industrious Franco-American culture.
This is what Adam Cote believes about healthcare:

"For many Americans, and many Mainers, ObamaCare was the first step in providing health care for those who weren’t fortunate enough to have it.  (But)...Now, President Trump is trying to take us backward with his own health care plan."

In fact, we found out just how far backward the TrumpCare (AHCA) would take Americans, with the release of the the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score. 

A jaw-dropping 23 million Americans, 101,000 of those Mainers, would lose healthcare coverage under the bill. 

It will hit rural Mainers, who make up over 60 percent of the population, and Mainers with pre-existing conditions especially hard. Scarily, 548,200 Mainers with pre-existing conditions are at risk of losing their coverage, including 61,200 children.

Mainers should not have to choose between health insurance and affording basic needs. And they won’t have to if enough of us speak up and tell the Senate to vote down this Republican bill.

TrumpCare leaves a lot up to each of the states, which means that the governor of Maine will play a huge role in health care. And Governor LePage has already kept thousands of Mainers from being able to access coverage by not setting up a health care exchange like most other states.
Look, ObamaCare isn’t perfect, but Democrats in Congress have been working to fix it. They’ve just introduced new legislation that would give Mainers the option to buy health insurance from the same exchange as Congress members. That would help Mainers in rural areas who have a limited number of plans to choose from.

While President Trump and Governor LePage are actively working to limit the availability of affordable health care, I know what is at stake and am ready to fight for all Mainers to have access.

When Adam Cote filed his paperwork to run for the office of Governor of Maine, he said he wants to “turn the page from the dead-end politics of division.”

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