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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Alert to the two "zeros" in 100 days- from The Tennessean

Enjoyed reading these "letters to the editor" published in April editions of The Tennessean, newspaper. Gotta' love the editorial freedoms enjoyed by the writers of these two letters, below. Thank you.

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Trump earns low marks

What has Trump done?

Both travel executive orders have been struck down as unconstitutional, the Senate had to change the rules in order to get a judge on the Supreme Court, Trumpcare was/is a fiasco. Michael Flynn was fired for lying, and it is becoming more and more likely that several Trump associates will be indicted for colluding with Russians during the election.

Will Trump be involved? Who knows, but the FBI has three separate investigations going on.

What happened to "Obama had my wires tapped"? No evidence of anything of the sort. It was made up. No legislation has been passed through Congress. Don Geddes, Nashville

The Tennessean:

Fox News hypocritical

Image result for Fox News graphic
Fox News- complicit in supporting "Fake News"

LTE- Cane Ridge TN: Most of us remember the George Bush era when the FOX network became the "moral alternative" for many who had found other news channels too liberal or too biased.

FOX thus became a favorite for Christian viewers and others who preferred a more "conservative" approach to politics and reporting.

How interesting! Now, within a matter of months, the FOX halo has become more than tarnished.

It has completely disappeared under the muck and mire of sexual harassment.  (It's horrible to realize how FOXNews has never chastised Donald Trump for his low life serial sexual comments!)

What other network or channel (among the "liberal" choices) has had both a CEO and a top on-air personality forced to leave in the wake of repeated allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace? This behavior has elevated FOX to the heights of embarrassment.

But even more damaging is the flagrant hypocrisy it represents.

Rosann Smothers, Cane Ridge, TN

Numerology is a pseudo-science of which I have no understanding, except to know, without a doubt, that the actual number "one hundred", as in "100 days", of Trump's failed leadership, contains two digits with the absolute value of "zero".  In other words, the number 100 has "two zeros" and Donald Trump equals the sum total.

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