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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Circular facts and the Trump logic

"I will build a great wall -- and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me --and I'll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words."- Quote by Donald J. Trump.

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Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions are filling their circular files to overflowing with lies and finger pointing.  "Russia if you're listening?"  Guess what, Russia?  "Mexico will not pay for the border wall".  

Building a wall, along with, "Russia if you're listening", are the two quotes Donald Trump repeated so many times that it was like hearing a broken old 45rpm record.  Can't you just hear the background quartet echoes "Yes, we'll build that wall.  Russia will hear us...listening, listening" hmmmmm.   

But, now Attorney General Jeff Sessions is singing different tunes. Not only is the Attorney General obstructing justice by stalling investigations about how the Russians interfered in the 2016 election of Donald Trump (where is FBI Director James Comey these days?)- but he's now pretending that Americans have agreed to pay for a Mexico-USA border wall! Donald Trump promised to build a wall to protect immigrants from illegally entering the USA through our southern boundaries- just like they have done for hundreds of years. A border wall is costly and ugly. Besides, the wall will cause eons of good border relations to become problematic. 

The turn around on the "Mexico will pay for it" wall is yet another blatant example of how the Trump cult creates "circular facts". It's as though Donald Trump never said the words he repeatedly quoted. Instead, Sessions is representing the circular facts as being, "Well, of course Americans are going to pay for the border wall." This circular logic makes me dizzy.

So, who will the blinded followers of Donald Trump believe?  

It's classic case of the comedy routine, "Who's on First?".

Will Donald Trump deliver on his pledge to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it?" Orrrr, will Attorney General Jeff Sessions convince Americans that we are responsible for the cost of the stupid wall? This circular logic causes me vertigo. In fact, nobody wants the stupid wall. Frankly, it costs too much money, not to mention the imminent domain involved, and the outcome of such an expensive monstrosity is that it will forever ruin our international friendly relationship with Mexico.  

It's time to build a wall around Donald Trump and his lapdog attorney general, Jeff Sessions. They belong in the same cage.

Unfortunately, the Congress is back in session post the 2017, Easter break, so let the ugly finger pointing begin. Nevertheless, regardless of how the border wall is presented, one fact is 100 percent certain. Mexico will not pay for the wall.

Obviously, Donald Trump lied. In the circular files of Trump lies, his waste basket is now overflowing with rubbish and Attorney General Jeff Sessions is adding to the trash. 

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