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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

In Representative Diane Black newspaper- Tennessee speaks

It's difficult for me to find anything nice to say about Congresswoman Diane Black. In my opinion, she is a political opportunist who cast her lot with the failed Donald Trump administration, hoping he will notice her misguided devotion.

Millions of Americans like me wonder how Donald Trump holds such hypnotic attraction to people, like Congresswoman Black, who were elected to represent their constituents in Congress. They were not elected by Donald Trump.  

Representative Diane Black of Tennessee strikes me as the girl who wants to be elected queen of the prom for all ages.  Her "tramp-stamp" support for Donald Trump is un-becoming of a person elected to represent Tennessee, the same state where Vice President Al Gore served from 1977-1985, as 4th Congressional District Representative. 

Although Ms. Black writes a compelling autobiography given her roots living in public housing, she is not a person who has learned very much from her humble origins.  In fact, her ambition is unprofessional, especially for a person who wants to be Tennessee's governor. 

As a matter of fact, in a Letter to the Editor in the newspaper "The Tennessean", the author asks: "How did U.S. Rep. Diane Black, who, Brad Schmitt’s  acknowledges, grew up in poverty and lived in public housing, lose her compassion for the poor?"
Although the Affordable Care Act provides health care to the poor, Black opposed it.

Although charter schools screen out poor minorities and turn public schools into private schools, at taxpayer expense, Ms. Black supports charter schools (!).

Although failure to increase the minimum wage in accordance with the rise in the cost of living leaves the working poor in poverty, Black failed to support increasing the minimum wage. It was government help that enabled Black to overcome poverty and become an extremely wealthy person.

Rep. Diane Black apparently doesn't realize that Tennessee citizens have a lot to lose in the Donald Trump "DOA" budget. In fact, she doesn't "get this"- that not everybody in Tennessee supports her blind zeal for all things Donald Trump. Newspaper reports quote voters about how the proposed Trump budget will obstruct economic development in the poorest Appalachian region of Tennessee. No comment yet from Ms. Black, who serves on the House Budget committee.

Moreover, I still can't get it out of my head how Rep. Diane Black told Judy Woodruff on the PBSNewsHour that only 4.5 percent of Americans aren't covered by employer sponsored health insurance. Her alternative facts were beyond fictional. All she had to do was ask 4.5 percent of Tennessee constituents if their health insurance was being provided by their employers, to quickly learn real math. 

If Rep. Diane Black is serious about being the Tennessee governor, she must reach out to all of the voters and not hide in the shadow of the failed Donald Trump administration.

Moreover, before her delusion to become the governor takes off, she better talk to those 96 percent of Tennessee people who, she mistakenly believes, have employer sponsored health insurance. Wow! (We all want to know how they feel about their insurance coverage.) At the same time, she must ask Tennesseans how they feel about buying health insurance coverage that doesn't cover "essential benefits", like in the Republican plan she enthusiastically endorsed, proposed to do. No maternity coverage? Oh paaaleeeze!

So, to end, I'm still processing Rep. Diane Black's "cause for ambition". How does the perennial prom queen blindly support the draconian and failed policies, spewed like toxic coal ash, by Donald Trump, when her Tennessee constituents will suffer from the consequences of her misplaced devotion?

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