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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day protest signs are clever eco-modern art nouveau

Brilliance shows its light in many ways and so it does on Earth Day 2017.  Take a look at the wonderful protest signs appearing throughout the world to show support for science in an era when "alternative facts" appears to take precedence over meaningful research and analysis. Earth Day logos are, likewise, charming.

In Los Angeles alone, at least 12,000 people joined the March for Science, police said. Some demonstrators walked in lab coats while others shaded themselves under umbrellas and signs as temperatures neared 90 Fahrenheit (32 Celsius).

Al Gore created an international art form as well as an environmental movement to protect our planet.

There is no "Planet B" was a sign observed in several cities

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) the genius of the theory of relativity was a Jewish German born refugee.
He died in Princeton, NJ 

"Make Earth Great Again" in Australia

Demonstrators on Earth Day in front of Trump International Towers in New York City

"Keep your tiny hands off my science!"

"Architects for Science" in Massachusetts

"No one is above peer review"

Every day is Earth Day 

Earth Day Logo

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