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Sunday, March 05, 2017

Donald Trump teleprompter "words all in a row"

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Kate McKinnon nailed it- "words said all in a row", about Donald Trump's made for TV, Teleprompter recital as talented Kate McKinnon mocks Sessions as Forrest Gump On 'SNL'
Although media were given a cunning offer to lay off the Donald Trump "Teleprompter recital" read before a joint session of Congress on February 28th, the fact is, the POTUS45  narrative was over-rehearsed and a  made for TV reality gig. 

Trump practiced shifting his tone from the dark, searing approach of his previous big speeches to the nation.

Various news feeds report that Reince Priebus made a deal about the White House not using the label "fake news", in a quasi "word exchange" for media laying off the Trump amateur hour recital.

In fact, the only accurate report provided by the media in a review of the "read before Congress", was from Kate McKinnon on the reliable news source performance given, on March 5th, "Saturday Night Live".  In a skit where McKinnon brilliantly mocks being Attorney General Jeff Sessions in a "Forrest Gump" skit, she tells her bus stop companion about the Trump recital. 
Image result for picture of McKinnon at bus stop Forrest Gump
Kate McKinnon, a skit about the Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his Russian communications, "at the bus stop", in a spoof of "Forrest Gump" - another brilliant parody! 
"Run Jeff, run...."

In fact, Trump was supposed to set a new tone for the White House, because, "Folks was thrilled on account of it was real words in a row for a whole hour," quipped McKinnon, speaking farcically, as a realistic "Sessions". Well, the new tone is providing a hilarious set up for rollicking, comedy especially when talent like Kate McKinnon can portray characters in the White House parody.

Kate McKinnon, as one Twitterzin posted during her SNL performance, "Is a national treasure!".

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