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Monday, January 09, 2017

Political doomsday clock ticking towards mayhem- Trump "Streeped"

It's like waiting for a political doomsday "gong" to go off somewhere and an era of progress will disappear. 

When Donald Trump becomes Vladimir Putin's new best friend in the international set of dictators and tyrants, those who had confidence that an enlightened process would transcend this political quagmire of Trupzi politics were hoping for a rescuer to save us. The very worst that can happen to progressives, Democrats and people with a brain for ethical leadership is for us to give up hope for a better future. Unfortunately, all political safety net systems have failed and the Electoral College did not support the winner of the Presidential Election's popular vote. Sad.

Meryl Streep attacks Trump in Golden Globes acceptance speech (Donald Trump's thin skin was "Streeped")

Like the brilliant actress Meryl Streep, we must be brave and call out unethical behavior, like pointing out the time when Donald Trump mocked a disabled journalist. Obviously, Ms. Streep knew she would be criticized by Donald Trump because, frankly, the man only knows how to criticize people, it's just in his nature. Nevertheless, Ms. Streep stoop up and spoke truth to power.

Perhaps Donald Trump would have been kinder in his caustic response to criticism by Ms. Streep if she happened to be a Russian.  In the Russian language, what Ms. Streep said was "pravada" - meaning "truth", "dah" (meaning "yes").

Indeed, we must follow Ms. Streep's lead. 

Those of us who are progressives, Democrats and people with a brain wired for ethical leadership must retain hope for a future we can be proud of and stand up "truth to power".  
Dr. Leon Lederman running the show in 2002 (source)
Our political doomsday clock is clicking towards mayhem

Meanwhile, of course, the political doomsday clock is ticking towards the mayhem we can anticipate after the Trumpzi regime takes hold.  Honestly, I never believed this day was remotely possible. Moreover, I'm embarrassed for all who were wrong minded and delusional enough to believe that Donald Trump can make American great again.  Here's the truth (or "pravda" as the Russians say). Trump will put our tax money into his own pockets, he'll expand his financial empire into Russia and then, like most dictators, he'll flee the country after everybody has had enough, but he'll take our money with him. 

Even worse, Republicans like Senator Mitch McConnell are enabling this politically raucous behavior, because in the smoke of transition, they can get away with stripping our citizens of every earned benefit they can possibly steal money from, so tax cuts can be given to the rich. 

And the mayhem is about to begin. Tick-tock, tick-tock. #Mayday!

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