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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

James Comey is "looking for Waldo" - Americans want answers

Dear James Comey: American people deserve information!
"To have the FBI influence the outcome of an election and nothing turn up would be an absolute disgrace to democracy," said Attorney Alan Derschowitz.

Children are pretty good at the graphic game called "Where's Waldo?". Typically, kids can find the hidden icon with amazing speed, challenging their perceptive abilities. Therefore, I suggest for the Director of the FBI, James Comey, to hire a few kids to find the email messages he's desperately working on, to uncover "no new news" about Mrs. Hillary Clinton. What was Director Comey thinking? Maybe he never played the kids hide and seek graphic game. Rather than looking for emails, like needles in a haystack of 650,000 messages, he's better off trying to find Waldo.

Image result for where's waldo graphic
Where's Waldo?
Here's what Attorney Alan Derschowitz said:
Alan Dershowitz to James Comey: Define Scope of Email Probe or Quit

Famed civil-rights attorney Alan Dershowitz said Tuesday that FBI Director James Comey must define the scope of the reinvestigation of Hillary Clinton's emails or resign because "we have either the perception or the reality of a double standard."

"Silence is no longer an option for Comey," Dershowitz, a Harvard Law School professor emeritus, told Don Lemon on CNN. "He has two options."

In fact, Derschowitz noted that Comey and the Justice Department have remained silent on an investigation of U.S. ties to corruption in Ukraine involving a firm owned by Paul Manafort, Donald Trump's former campaign manager.

However, the FBI chief told Congress on Friday about the email investigation but has said nothing further.

"The Justice Department and the FBI can't be refusing to report on the Manafort investigation, which would hurt Trump, while making the statement Comey made about the e-mails investigation," Dershowitz told Lemon.

"He has to make a statement and explain that double standard, or he has to resign," he added. "He can't any longer by silence allow his last statement to influence this election."

Dershowitz also pointed to the closing gap in polls between Clinton and Trump since Comey's disclosure.

"Look how close it's becoming since that statement was made," Dershowitz told Lemon.

"To have the FBI influence the outcome of an election and nothing turn up would be an absolute disgrace to democracy."

(James Comey must resign.)

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