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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Forget the Damn Emails

No, seriously!

Donald Trump flip-flopped about a "rigged system". Flip-flopping in politics can be deadly for candidates. Trump has had a "flip flop moment",.because the FBI director James Comey has somehow connected a third party email investigation into Anthony Weiner to a server that may or may not be associated with Hillary Clinton. Typical of Donald Trump's cruel mentality, he uses the "system" (as he calls it) to his advantage but if he doesn't get his way, like a spoiled brat, he turns on his message, like an out of control spinning top.
Has our Federal Bureau of Investigation turned into a Gestapo? FBI director Comey is behaving dangerously like the Secret State Police, the official secret police of Nazi Germany and German-occupied Europe.

This is what The New Yorker editors wrote about Donald Trump in an unprecedented four page editorial in opposition to his candidacy and cruel right wing campaign:

"At a time of alarming and paralyzing partisanship, this is an issue that reasonable voices in both parties can agree upon. At last count, more than a hundred and sixty Republican leaders declared their refusal to support Trump. Fifty national security officers who served in Republican Administrations have done the same. The Cincinnati Enquirer the Arizona Republic the Dallas Morning News and the Coumbus Dispatch, all concervative newspapers, which have endorsed only Republicans for betweeen seventy-six and a hundered and twenty six years- have endoresed Clinton.  USA Today, which as never endorsed a candidates, has declared Trump 'unfit for the presidency' and has also endoresed Clinton."

Democrats can't let down our political guard in opposing the cruel candidacy of Donald Trump and his white supremicist right wing supporters.

James Comey had no authority to release a half assed ambiguous missive about emails that clearly do not directly point ot Hillary Clinton unless he also had corroborating evidence to explain his decision.  In fact, it's time for all Americans to "forget the damn emails".  Let's consider what's at stake in this election. We are voting for competent leadership and it's clear we want to reject the paranoia, narcissism, misogyny and bigotry of Donald Trump and his cruel campaign.

In fact, Donald Trump can't have his own way like a cry-baby. Frankly he has proven to be a "huge" political flip-flopper.

Paleeeze! Forget the Damn Emails! Especially, when they're somebody else's.

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