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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Republicans won't intimidate Hillary Clinton

Republicans will fail in their relentless partisan ongoing obstructionism when President Hillary Clinton is the leader of the fee world. She's ready for their witch hunts and muckraking.
Image result for Clinton and Michelle in North Carolina pictures
Secretary Clinton's amazing surrogate is First Lady Michelle Obama in Wake Forest North Carolina

They've tried obstructing the Obama administration for 8 years. Although regressive Republcians policies haven't helped to move our nation forward, the fact is, President Obama is enjoying a 57 percent approval rating.

As for Secretary Hillary Clinton, after 11 hours sitting in front of Congressman Trey Gowdy's politically motivated Benghazi investigaton, there's nothing much the Republicans can do to intimidate her experienced leadership.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has no moral political compass and, even worse, he doesn't have any credible surrogates.  

In fact, Donald Trump's surrogates are likely doing him more harm than good. For example, the exchange between surrogate Newt Gingrich backfired on Donald Trump when FoxNews interviewer Megyn Kelly pushed back on his verbal agression.

In fact, New Gingrich behaved very badly with Megyn Kelly. He would never have been so crude with a male interviewer.

Newt Gingrich, the former speaker of the House, and the Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly got into a televised tiff on Tuesday night in which he accused her of being “fascinated with sex” for her reporting on allegations of unwanted advances and groping by the Republican presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump.

The bizarre exchange played out toward the end of an interview on Ms. Kelly’s news program, “The Kelly File.

The discussion turned from who was ahead in the polls — Mr. Trump or the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton — when Mr. Gingrich, a Republican and staunch supporter of Mr. Trump, accused Ms. Kelly and the news media of paying a disproportionate amount of attention to allegations by 10 women that Mr. Trump had forcibly kissed or groped them.

That was the start of a roughly two-minute exchange on live television that suddenly became less about the presidential candidates and more about a personal friction between Mr. Gingrich and Ms. Kelly.

Thankfully, Ms. Kelly wasn't intimadated by Gingrich.

Likewise, Secretary Clinton won't allow Republican obstructionism to prevent her from advancing a progressive political agenda.

Although Megyn Kelly and Secretary Clinton aren't likely to be "new best friends", the two of them are very strong women who won't be bullied by Donald Trump or his surrogates.


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