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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Hillary Clinton on "our" way to first woman President!

Why Are Clinton’s Millions Of Supporters Invisible In The Media?

"I'm with her!"

It's not only me, but, apparently, Americans are finally waking up to the amazing progress we can experience under the leadership of Hillary Clinton as our nation's first woman president. In fact, Secretary Clinton has a lifetime of leadership experience to bring to the Oval Office in the White House. Moreover, her political leadership is respected throughout the world.

Let's put an end to political partisanship and rally around Hillary Clinton, because she's the best qualified to lead the free world. Adding to Clinton's resume are the qualifications of her hand picked running mate Senator Tim Kaine, a man who is dedicated to improving the well being of others, and focused on improving our human condition in America and in the world.

Secretary Clinton has dedicated her life to public service. When she and her running mate Senator Tim Kaine had the opportunity to join highly successful law firms because of their law school resumes, they chose, instead, to follow their hearts.  Secretary Clinton because an advocate for children in Arkansas. Senator Kaine joined the missionary work of the Jesuit Religious Order in Guatamala.  Both Clinton and Kaine are world respected humanitarian and political leaders, who proved their qualifications through the choices they made in their lives and the well deserved recognition they received from their peers and political leaders.
Early voting has already started in many states. It is imperative for Americans to vote against partisan rigor and support the progressive leadership of Secretary Hillary Clinton and Senator Tim Kaine.
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Check Senator Tim Kaine on the issues at this link.

Indeed, Americans are on "our" way to experiencing real progress with "our" first qualified, intelligent, experienced and competent woman president.



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