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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Donald Trump is not a conservative- "No, seriously!"

Political pundit Bill Kristol has been saying this all along: 
"Trump’s Republican critics say that these announcements (his policies) prove what they have been saying all along: that he is no conservative.

" (No, seriously!)Image result
Conservative pundit Bill Kristol has been trying to turn up the volume about this issue!

It's become political cliche for a reason. This paraphrase always finds a way to fit and this time it's on Donald Trump: I've known a lot of conservatives in my life, but Mr. Trump, "You are not a conservative!"

Republican zealots who follow Donald Trump in lock step like storm troopers are these politically brain washed people. Nevertheless, even in their mesmerized mania, most "Trumpsees" have probably never read anything about their preferred candidate's policies. If they really understood what he has proposed, they might be startled....."no, seriously!". 

Unfortunately, Trump can't be trusted so what he says about anything will have a neutralizing effect on his proposals. Even the purists positions would be subject to  justified skepicism.

Ramesh Ponnnuru writes in describes how traditonal Republicanism has been Trumped by unhinged Donald Trump.  2016 ELECTIONS
Trump Throws Out the Republican Litmus TestsBy  Ramesh Ponnuru

Republican lawmakers often privately complain that their party is being held back by conservative "purists", wrote Ramesh Ponnuru. On isues like taxes and elfare, the GOP's elected officials have had to meet "a series of litmus tests" to avoid being branded traitors by the doctrinaire conservative base. But Donald Trump has blowntraditional GOP dogma to smitherenes. The Republican presidential nominee has proposed new child care subsidies for working mothers, the removal of millions of pooer poeple from the income ax rolls, and a tax increase for some six figure earners.  Indeed, he has "put in a good word for Medicaid," suggesting that he may favor expanding the program instead of cuting it. He has even indicated that milliosn of illegal immigrants may one day apply for legal status- that is "amnesty". 

Other Republicans seeking office would never dare voice such "heterodox thoughts"- yet, they don't seem to have hurt Trump at all. Granted, he's a celebrity candidate and has "maintained the party line" by voicing his opposition to abortion, same sex marriage and Obamacre. "But he has excersied more freedom than Republican politicians dreamed they had." 

Whether or not he wins, "the stranglehold" of consevative drogma, "now appears to be broken".

Seriously?  Maybe Republicans have lost their brand. If so, they've brought it on themselves and their "purism" has now gone down a Trumponian dug ditch.

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