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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Keep the momentum going- Hillary Clinton & Tim Kaine

A preliminary post Democratic Convention poll shows some encouraging election news for the Clinton-Kaine presidential team. Apparently, initial polling shows a post convention spike.

Here are the reasons I believe the Hillary Clinton and Senator Tim Kaine Convention in Philadelphia worked:

I love this Hillary 2016 Philadelphia Convention photograph

1.  Communiations were expertly coordinated. It was a beautiful convention.

2.  Michelle Obama's "First Lady Speech" on Tuesday night set a unifying tone for the convention. I'm not sure if her exquisite speech had a title, or not, but in my mind it was her "Proof of Greatness" speech.

3.  Although not reported so much, those compelling presentations from the public, the messages from individuals who spoke about being immigrants, were exceptional and, in the aggragate, they had a positive impact.

4.  Rather than base the Democratic convention on a  focused "anti_Trump" theme, the messaging demonstrated a bright alternative.

5.  A politically star studded line up of Democrats, Republicans and the Independent Michael Bloomberg drew attention. Regardless of a person's political (or non-political) persuasion, the Philadelphia Convention provided something to hear, for everyone.

6.  Hillary Clinton's family - President Clinton '42 and her daughter Chelsea Clinton, were believable. They are familiar to Americans and they lived up to our expectations about them. Contrast their believability with the glitzy Trump family, the Clinton's have human qualities, flaws and all, rather than "made for TV".

7.  Democrats took political risks.  For example:

  • Michelle Obama raised the word "slaves"; 
  • Mr. and Mrs. Khizr Kahn proudly represented their Muslim and Islam heritages; 
  • Mayor Michael Bloomberg raised the concept of Donald Trump's mental stability, by calling for support of a "sane" presidential candidate
  • Democrats reached out with an invitation to Republicans to join in the 2016 support for Hillary Clinton
  • Mothers of the Movement took on the National Rifle Association
  • Invoking iconic Republicans: President Barack Obama invoked the name of President Ronald Reagan and Admiral Hutson praised Senator John McCain- opening the "big tent" political concept to embrace American Republican icons.
8.  Debbie Wassereman Schultz stepped aside as the DNC chair, to minimize obvious and distracting internal power stuggles.

9.  There were absolutely no controversial negative speeches!

10.  Although the "friendly fire" Democratic protestors were vocal, there were no overt clashes to silence them, thereby eliminating the visuals reminiscent of the 1968 fiasco, still a brutal memory in political history.

Congratulations to everyone who worked very hard to create a magnificent 2016, Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Now, on to  a Hillary/Kaine victory in November!

Thank you Democrats! We're looking for a "huge" victory.

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