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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sad beautiful Melania Trump - sets plageristic tone for all following speeches

Maybe the best the subsequent speeches at the GOP Cleveland convention might be those screened for lack of plagiarism.

Governor Chris Christie will surely have his narrative fact, and proofed for accuracy and anti-plagiarism.  Every speech given henceforth in Cleveland, at the "goop-vention", will be measured against the pathetic version given by Melania Trump.  
Melania Trump gave a plagiarized opening night speech, drawing attention to the heartfelt success of the Obama administration and causing more embarrassment to the GOP Cleveland failed convention roll out.

Plagiarism notwithstanding (people have lost tenure at major universities for such blatantly egregious transgressions), the fact is, Melania's speech was soaked with difficult pronunciation. Although it's fine for Mrs. Trump to have an exotic central European accent, she nevertheless had some difficulty with articulation caused, likely, by poor rehearsing.

As one "Twitterzin" posted, "....gee...things were going so well at the GOP convention, before Melania's speech...." (obviously, tongue in cheek haha).  

Newscasters, journalists and pundits are well aware of the insult given to any narrative when it's tainted by plagiarism. Melania's speech was clearly plagiarized. Indeed, her speech wasn't a spontaneous expression about her personal convictions but, rather, a copy-cat rendition, poorly delivered, lifted from the heartfelt narrative of the 2008 speech given by First Lady Michelle Obama.  

Beginning with the convention's opening turmoil, showcasing the deep Republican party internal divisions, capped by Melania Trump's plagiarism, the tone of the Cleveland "goop-vention" has an uphill climb to somehow overcome the flawed presention. America is witnessing a group of wanna-bees who can't manage their own messaging, never mind, govern the great United States of America. Let's Make America proud again! 

Plagiary sets a terrible tone for the GOP-vention.

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