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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hieroglyphics - the stupid Trump-Pence double entendre

Egyptians don’t know how to read Hieroglyphics anymore.

Neither do Americans. But, we certainly understand how serious it is to mock the American flag with double entendres. #No_Seriously! #NeverTrump


Perhaps the Trump-Pence campaign logo can be salvaged to use as a graphic for safe sex eduction.

Trump's campaign logo is mocked on Twitter
Some said it looked sexually suggestive.

Donald Trump didn't just get Mike Pence as his running mate Friday. He also got a new logo — and the wisecracks started flying on social media. An email sent by the presumptive Republican nominee's Make America Great Again Committee, the joint fundraising committee between the campaign and the Republican National Committee, features the new insignia: An interlocking blue T and P (for Trump and Pence), with the T going through the white space in the P. To the right are four red stripes and three white stripes, imitating the American flag. (This unacceptable symbolism is a desecration of the American flag, in my opinion.)

Below the logo is Trump's name, in its usual font and blue color, and Pence's name below in slightly smaller type, and in red. (Poor understaudy Pence! Looks like he's getting politially "screwed")
Politico reports
Twitter lit up with jokes about the interlocking letters looking sexually suggestive. "What is the T doing to that P?" the longtime former Democratic Rep. John Dingell quipped.

This inappropriate campaign logo will definitely be changed. Meanwhile, the creators of the hieroglyphic have earned a bunch of money, while a new logo will add to his campaign expenses.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to make one mistake after another without being held acccountable about revealing his income taxes or explaining any coherent public policies.

Does Donald Trump's "Trump screwing Pence" logo symbolically describe what the non existant Trumponian policies will do to America? Think about it. 

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