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Friday, July 15, 2016

Crises in Europe - international intelligence possibly caught off guard

Another international crises with a coup d'etat in Turkey today, on Friday  This follows the horrible news about a terrorist attack in Niece France where, tragically, at lest 84 innocent poeple were killed by a truck loaded with explosives on Bastille Day, when families were celebrating the holiday.

Image result for President of Turkey
Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan of Turkey now victim of a military coup d'etat

Of course, many unknown facts remain to be revealed about both incidents, the fact is, these breakdowns in French and Turkish security, are troublesome because international intelligence is obviously unable to keep up with the changing world order.

In my opinion, the root cause of these intelligence failures must have something to do with our international inability to fund cohesive and coordinated intelligence operations. Obviously communicatons channelsbetween intelligence communities are non-existant or there would be some kind of response to these tragedies other than words of condolence.

Perhaps funding for intelligence operations like the Central Intelligence Agency are problematic especially because the US Congress will not relieve the impact of the stupid budget sequester.

Likewise, while the US is deeply engaged in war, ever since the illegal 2003 invasion of Iraq and the failed Operation Iraqi Freedom, the US Congess has never declared war.  In fact, if Congress did the right thing, the war would be declared and funding for the military with intelligence operations would have to be funded. Of course, this means increases in taxes and lifting the budget sequester.

Turkey's crises is now "America's crises" because so much of our nation's offensive against terrorism in Syria and the war in Iraq depends on base operations in Turkey.

"So, now what?"  So many unknowns.

Obviously, joining the uninformed and lacking facts, my hope is for the US Congress to support our international intelligence community and the American military, to affirm that our political and anti-terrorist efforts are supported around the world.

It's urgent for our international intelligence communities to remain viligent and to communicate responsibly. They must respond cohesively to growing instability and terrorism with the funding needed to do their essential jobs.

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