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Monday, July 25, 2016

National Rifle Association and the Ten Commandments

Recently, I was enjoying an outing on the Maine coast with a wonderful Christian couple. As nice as they are, they support gun owners rights and having the access to all the ammunition a person needs to keep weapons. It's impossible to argue with these people because, afterall, they have the cover of the Constituton's Second Amendment, the right to own guns.  

Nevertheless, Christian beliefs are in sharp contrast with the Ted Commandments.  "Thou Shall Not Kill" because guns kill.

For some strange reason, the Ted Commandments do not seem to be relevant when the Constitution gives gun ownership cover.

Yet, The Ten Commandments are so important that they are reported twice in the Bible. As far as I know, the US Constitution only mentions the Second Amendment once. The Ten Commandments are listed twice in the Hebrew Bible, first at Exodus 20:1–17, and then at Deuteronomy 5:4–21.

There's definitely a big and obvious flaw in the bizarre thinking about guns and the intrepretation of The Ten Commandments. 

Moreover, "One nation under God" said in the Pledge of Allegience, means The Ten Commandments are important and, therefore, must preceed the words in the Constitution. 

Unfortunately, gun ownership appears to carry a different set of values for some Christians. At least, it did for the Christians I was with in Maine.

Belief in the literal interpretation of Biblical Scripture seems to stop when it comes to endorsing gun ownership and Second Amendment rights, even though guns kill people. 

"Thou Shall Not Kill", incedulously, doesn't appear to apply to Second Amendment rights among Bible believers who don't believe that guns kill.  

This flawed logic falls under the cliche of "you can't make this stuff up". Americans must vote to stop the National Rifle Association from creating it's own rules and reinterpretating the words in The Ten Commandments.  

Consequently, I must ask this question.  Do members of the National Rifle Association (NRA) believe in The Ten Commandments? Or, do they think "Thou Shall Not Kill" has special considerations?

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