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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Trump is an intimidator and conspiracy theorist beer hall speaker

Trump was blindsided by Speaker Ryan? Poor "Trumpy"....reported by CNN.

Donald Trump built his hate filled Presidential campaign with slogans and one man "beer hall speeches", stand ups, where intimidation of other  human beings has become his trademark. 

Yet, he's now "blindsided" because Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is reticent about supporting his candidacy to be president? 

People who follow Donald Trump might also believe the earth is flat. Why not? They also believe his beer hall speeches. Speaker Ryan has an opportunity to lead the GOP out of this wrong minded abyss.

This hypocrisy goes under the rubric of "who  knew the earth is round not flat?" theory. Awwww shucks, Trumpy, and I wonder if you were just about to ask Speaker Ryan to be your "president of vice" running mate! Ya' think, maybe, Speaker Ryan has some moral compass, after all, It appears he'd would rather lead the Party of Lincoln than follow along with a man who practises being an "intimidator in chief".

Leading into World War II, there was another orator who attracted huge audiences to  hear him pontificate during "beer hall speeches".  His Nazi clarion call made Holocaust victims out of millions of Jews who were somehow the root of all that was wrong with Germany's post World War I economy.

Speaker Paul Ryan is the Congressional political leader of the Party  of Abraham Lincoln. Surely, the political leadership of a party so embedded in America's history and vision of "one Nation Under God", cannot succumb to the verbal venom of a beer hall speaker, Intolerance for Muslims and immigrants is every bit as evil and as dangerous as the victimization of Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, Seventh Day Adventists and intellectuals, during the dark era of Nazism. (Dr. Ben Carson alert as well!)

Surely, House Speaker Paul Ryan is a youthful politician who should protect his integrity  for future opportunities to run for leader of the free world.  Any alignment with Donald Trump, the intimidator and conspiracy theorist beer hall speaker, will forever bond Speaker Ryan to the Trumponian era.  Like all political trends driven by fear and bigotry, the party of Trump will find its way into the deep six just like its T-Party predecessors. 

Perhaps, the best leadership the Republican party of Abraham Lincoln can provide right now, in the face of Trumpo-mania, is to stop the beer hall movement before it consumes all who wear the GOP brand. 



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