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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Bob Knight is like a Donald Trump doppelgänger

"...a look-alike or double of a living person, sometimes portrayed as a paranormal phenomenon"- Wikipedia

TTU Bob Knight.jpg
Bob Knight is an Indiana basketball coach born October 25, 1940, in Massillon, Ohio. He's a curious doppelgänger for Donald Trump. Moreover, they both speak without saying anything meaningful of helpful.

So help me, a political graphic arts amateur could easily create a body - head transfer between the basketball coach Bob Knight and the political wanna-be Donald Trump. In fact, it would be very easy to confuse the two men as being fraternal twins. Knight's body with Trump's talking head? Try a Trump body with a Knight talking head.  Both men are like proverbial peas in a pod.  They're like wind up monster toys, repeating themselves like broken records but always projecting authoritative bravado.

 Image result for Donald Trump
Donald Trump a doppelgänger for Bob Knight or visa versa?
Trump was born June 14, 1946 in Queens New York

Just think about how a basketball coach (or any other sports coach) talks to their followers. They all say the same thing. "Our team must build offense, watch their defense, build our strategy, stop their advance...." there're at least one thousand ways for sports coaches to articulate the above narrative. Now, think about how Donald Trump builds his rhetorical campaign narrative.  "We are going to make America great (and by inference, 'white') again, we will build a defense against our enemies, stop the advance of immigration....", just replace "team" with Trumponian hateful concepts, but the intentions are similar to what sports fans hear at a team rally. Meanwhile, neither the sports coach or Trump tells us anything new, revealing, intelligent or even particularly helpful.

It's possible that Coach Bob Knight, known for his basketball leadership, is a doppelgänger for Donald Trump, who, at best, can be considered a reality television personaility. Neither men are politicians, but each one knows how to draw attention to themselves and attract crowds of starstruck fans.

Coach Knight and Candidate Trump are misplaced in the political world. Yet, both men have the uncanny ability to attract lots of media attention, in spite of lack of substance. Nevertheless, the book ends refuse to be ignored,or put on a shelf, regardless of how ignorant they are about political issues.  

For example, Donald Trump won't be able to sustain his stupid plan to build a wall to prevent Hispanic immigration through Mexico, any more than Bob Knight can predict who next year's final four college basketball teams will be, during the national tournaments.
Unfortunately, when both men open their mouths, their followers tend to listen.  

It makes no sense for a basketball coach to endorse a political candidate for president of the United States, except if one is the 
doppelgänger for the other.....and I suspect this is the situation between Trump and Knight.  It's like "Knight Trump".....or, maybe,
"checkmate" on election day.



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