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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Donald Trump is a looney toons carnival barker

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The nigtmare in Trump Towers must end!

Donald Trump’s Victory Has Some in G.O.P. Agonizing — or Bolting- The New York Times

Political pundits have discredited the Trumponian bravado. In fact, The New York Times even evisicerated the Trumposity he spews, like toxic volcanic ash, as though he has foriegn policy experience; and the Republican establishment failed to launch a "stop Trump campaign" against him. Against gruesome opposition, Trumpity-Trump-Trump-Trump is like a Looney Toons cartoon monster who continues to leap back on the screen after being ink blotted, except he's not funny.  He's like a Frankenstein political creation who can't be put back inside the laboratory because he's escaped to  terrorize reasonable people into somehow believing he can "make America great again".

Trump's idea of making American great again means this:

1.  Closing our borders with Mexico where millions of people rely on food production and legal foriegn trade for their livlihoods.
2.  Calling all of his opponents, especially women, by ugly, mean spirited, sexist and degrading names.
3.  Threatening to use nuclear weapons to scare the world about our military power.
4.  Splitting up immigrant families and sending all who are suspected of being illegals into buses (and I suppose ships, too) to send them back to.....ahhhh....back to.....????? (Suppose the border crossing won't allow them to return?)  Donald Trump is certainly speaking international incendiary rhetoric when he assumes anybody is even going to accept America's illegal immigrants. 
5.  Taking millions of people off of the only health insurance program they've ever had aka "Obamacare", without telling Americans how he intends to replace it or compensate for the millions due in reimbursement claims already submitted to insurers, under this program.

In his boring victory speech, given post the Indiana primary win on Tuesday night, "Trump the Chump" gave a spooky looney toons shout out to Senator Jeff Sessions, who is as close to a Ku Klux Klan publicly elected official as a Grand Knight with a hood. His acknowledgements in his rally included praise for failed Governor Sarah Palin, the lady who "puts lipstick on pigs" as a way of marginalizing her political adversaries.

In fact, listening to Trumpisms is like being summoned by a brash carnival barker, the kind who instinctively knows there is a sucker born every minute.

Donald Trump has no international or political leadership skills. Rather, he has attracted mesmerizing attention by entertaining like a real life looney toons bully. He's like the puffed up spectre who preaches hate, reinforces negative stereotypes and professes conspiracy theories like "birtherism", the unproven lies about President Obama's Hawaiian birthplace. 

Republican voters must open their minds and listen to the punch line ...."....daaaa...that's all folks!".  Let's end this Trumponian nightmare! Put the monster looney toons back in the haunted Trump Towers houses and lock the doors.  

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