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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Donald Trump's impressive list of political enemies

Donald Trump's delusional ambition to be an American President is being undermined by nearly everyone in the political establishment. He has antagonized every constituent group except for angry white males, and they look more like the reincarnation of the Nazi stormtroopers rather than American voters. It's hard to find people to speak publicly about supporting Donald Trump to be America's leader. Although the famous Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight supports the Trumponian campaign, he can't articulare an intelligent reason for his opinion. Other difficult to accept Trump supporters are the former vice-president candidate and Alaska "half term" Governor Sarah Palin (ho hum), Bobby Knight, a college baskeball coach, Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie, Maine Governor Paul LePage and Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions. This is hardly an impressive list of intelligencia. Incredulously, Trump's few supporters includes a failed governor and vice-presidential candidate, a failed presidential candidate, an unpopular Maine governor, a right wing extremist Senator who denies he has ties to the Ku Klux Klan and a college basketball coach who can't articulate why he supports Donald Trump, except to say he does.

Here are the voting groups who largely oppose Donald Trump's candidacy:

1.   Mexican Americans
2.   Hispanic groups
3.   Transexual and gay voters
4.   African Americans
5.   Democratic voters
6.    White women
7.    Muslim voters
8.    Jewish voters
9.    Moderate Republican-Conservative voters
10.  Newly naturalized American citizens

This is the public perception logo of the Donald Trump's candidacy for president of the US - immigrants climbing the border wall.

Mathmetically, it's hard to see how Donald Trump can claim he is the Republcian candidate who can win the 2016 to be elected President of the United States. Given the lack of Republican and traditional political support, added to the alienation of major voting blocks who are opposed to Donald Trump's hate filled rhetoric, it's impossible to understand how enough votes can be won in the national election to elect him as president. Moreover, on the electoral map, where the deciding votes are ultimately cast, there is no way Donald Trump can create winning support from blue voting states.  Consequently, it seems evident that Donald Trump has created too many political enemies to win the 2016 election.

Thankfully, Secretary Hillary Clinton has a "love Trumps hate" campaign to counter the "Trumpastic divisiveness" in the politically unpredictable public policies spewed by Donald Trump.  

Although Donald Trump appears to believe he will eventually call in the political "chips" owed him from his generous millions of contributions, given to high level politicains, he has simply created too many enemies to claim his bets. It's time for Republicans at the 2016 Cleveland national GOP convention to nominate a responsible presidential candidate. Instead of Donald Trump, they must choose a candidaate qualified by education and experience to run in 2016, to be a respected leader of the free world. Moreover, they must choose a candidate who will not alienate 10 major voting groups. Simple arithmatic should be enough to convince the Republcian delegates in Cleveland to figure out how to nominate somebody who does not have so many political enemies.

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