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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Women voters alert - All eyes on Mary Pat Christie! "Deal me in..."

As Donald Trump, inappropriately, criticized Secretary Hillary Clinton during his wrong minded victory speech, post the Tuesday (April 26) night, primaries, saying she was only getting support from other women because of their gender, the New Jersey first lady, Mary Pat Christie's expression, stole the show.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump concludes his remarks to supporters at Trump Towers as New Jersey First Lady Mary Pat Christie looks on.
Mrs. Mary Pat Christie (right of Donald Trump) doesn't apprear to be celebrating as Donald Trump criticizes gender, rather than policies, after a 5 state primary delegate win.

Obviously, pictures speak louder than words. This was evidenced by Governor Chris Christie's wife, Mary Pat Christie, while Donald Trump used inappropriate language about Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Indeed, it was obvious while watching Donald Trump during his "woman's card" statement, post his 5 state primary election wins, while he was supposed to be speaking "Presidential" on Tuesday, April 26th...when he shoulda' taken the high road, but instead, sunk to the low road (again)....OMG! Typical Trumponian caustic rhetoric.

Mrs. Christie's lackluuster response is now the response seen around the political world. Clearly, she wasn't celebrating the five state Trumponian primary wins. There was no joy in Mary Pat Christie's response. She would've been better off watching the primary celebations on a television, in her hotel room. Her position located behind Trump in the TV scene was obviously staged, but it backfired.

All eyes were on Mary Pat Christie! Chris Christie’s wife appeared to roll her eyes during Donald Trump’s victory speech in New York, after he won 5 Republican primaries on Tuesday, April 26.

Toward the end of his speech, Trump, 69, slammed Democratic front-runner Secretary Hillary Clinton, saying that she'd only get “five percent of the vote” if she were a man. “The only thing she’s got going is the women’s card, and the beautiful thing is, women don’t like her, OK? And look how well I did with women tonight,” the real estate mogul said. (Except, Mrs. Christie wasn't amused!)

Mary Pat Christie, 52, who was standing right behind Trump, appeared emotionless through most of the speech — until he started bashing Clinton. New York Times reporter Michael Barbaro was one of the first to point out that Mary Pat glanced over at her husband and seemingly rolled her eyes at the comments. 

Other Twitter users also claimed to see the eye roll and a smirk. The New Jersey governor, 53, didn’t look overly happy to be Trump’s sidekick at the press conference either. Mary Pat’s reaction quickly went viral as people debated whether it was a sign of disapproval or simply a turn of her head.  (Honestly, I also noticed this lack of emotional affect from Mrs. Christie, but, while watching, I truly didn't know the lady's name.)

In her timely "real time" response, Mrs. Clinton Embraced Trump's 'Woman Card' Attacks: She said, 'Deal Me In'

Hillary Clinton was quick to fire back at Donald Trump after he accused her entire campaign of resting on the “woman card” during his victory speech following Tuesday night's primaries.
“If fighting for women’s health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in,” a fired-up Clinton said in a video posted to her Twitter feed. Her comments were taken from her own Tuesday night victory speech and contrasted with video of Trump disparaging her:

Clinton shared the video both Tuesday night, shortly after Trump’s address ended, and on Wednesday morning. It also features footage of the GOP frontrunner claiming that she wouldn’t get “5 percent of the vote” if she were a man.

Trump was characteristically unapologetic Wednesday morning as he made the rounds on morning cable news shows.

He told the hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that he still hasn’t “recovered” from Clinton's "shouting” about his remarks on the so-called woman card. On CNN’s “New Day,” he insisted discussing this subject was a winning strategy for the general election.

"She is a woman. She is playing the woman card left and right," Trump said. "She will be called on it."

Thank goodness, Secretary Hillary Clinton responded to the Trumponian attack on her feminism, in rapid real time, immediately! You Go Hillary 2016!

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