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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ann Coulter has no moral compass she sold her soul to be a Trumpy

Without doubt, the "jenny one note" Ann Coullter would be vitriolic if Secretary Clinton had refused to release her financial and tax information. Nevertheless, she's now a Trumpy by defeding his decision to withhold income tax reports.  Hypocrisy is endemic in Coulter's personae. Obviously, Coulter is more concerned with promoting rabid conservatism than promoting fairness.  
Now, she was challenged to defend her hypocrisy. In fact, she failed to rise to the opportunity. Rather, she deflected the issue, spewing Donald Trump's stupid excuses for not releasing his income taxes. reports;

On MSNBC’s Hardball Monday, host Chris Matthews played a clip of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton demanding Donald Trump release his tax returns, then asked Trump supporter Ann Coulter why he wouldn’t release them if he had nothing to hide.

“I think the reason he hasn’t released them is exactly why he says he hasn’t — he’s under audit,” she said. “It’s legal for him to do so, just like it’s legal for someone on trial for murder to talk to the press — but their lawyers wouldn’t be happy about it.”

Donald Trump is a horror movie: No, really!
Donald Trump has a moral obligation to release his income tax information

“Poor baby,” Corn sarcastically replied, though whether he was referring to Trump, Coulter, or both was unclear. “Every other president has done that — including [Richard] Nixon, when he was also under audit. Because you can tell whether he’s hiding money offshore, [or] whether he gives money to charity.”

“Exactly,” Coulter said, seemingly not understanding Corn’s point. “Why should he do that?”Photo published for WATCH: MSNBC’s David Corn destroys Ann Coulter for defending Trump’s decision not to release tax...
David Corn challenges right wing diva Ann Coulture

“That’s good,” Corn replied, “you want a crook in the White House — that’s fine, Ann, you can go ahead and have that.”

Coulter argued that he’s “not a crook,” unwittingly summoning the ghost of Nixon for the second time in two minutes, to which Corn replied, “we don’t know if he’s a crook or not.”

“We don’t know if you’re a crook,” Coulter shot back, randomly, before noting that none of this matters to Trump supporters anyway.
(HELLO?  Ya'think? In fact, Ms. Coulter, you have no political soul. Obviously, you have covered politics enough to know an incompetent candidate when you see one #NeverTrump.)

Coulter is now an official Trumpy. Sad.
Scott Eric Kaufman is an assistant editor at Salon. 
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