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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Speech writer has a "short" word for Donald Trump

It's a miserable way to conduct a political discussion, but when the unstable protagonist degrades everybody imaginable, the only way to respond is to somehow get the attention.  Trumpy-Dumpty has driven political discourse to a "nose dive" low.

Winchester native Jon Favreau, a former director of speechwriting for President Barack Obama.
Jon Favreau has contributed to the cacophony of Trump adjectives
Former Obama speechwriter has a word for Trump

Now that he’s no longer working in the White House, onetime Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau is free to say — or tweet — whatever he wants. 

And he is. 

Friday, Favreau, who was born in Winchester, lived in North Reading, and graduated from Holy Cross, tweeted a list of what he doesn’t like about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. It included “Trump . . . Is a d**k.”

Favreau also alleges that Trump “profited off of 9/11,” “rooted for the housing crash,” “ran a fraudulent university,” and was “sued for tax dodging.” Favreau left the White House in 2013 and launched a communications consulting firm — Fenway Strategies — with Dedham native Tommy Vietor and Ben Schwerin, who’s from Wellesley.

(I don't think Favreau pushed his description.  I would qualify  his adjective with the word "short".)

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