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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Secretary Clinton gives caring speech in the face of Donald Trump

Donald Trump beamed like a demon as he accepted the miserable endorsement of the National Rifle Association (NRA) without any reference, whatsoever, about the thousands of innocent people who are harmed by gun violence in America.

Moms Demand Action logo.png
Mrs. Clinton wants to prevent injury, disability and death by gun violence

In fact, when Trump accepted the nefarious endorsement for his nomination, the photo op was more like an updated horses of the apocolypse image- with one outstanding being Representative Trey Gowdy being absent. Three men who believe guns don't kill people while thousands of morbidities, mortalities and emotional harm are inflicted on innocent people because of guns.

Thankfully, Secretary Hillary Clinton is speaking about gun violence to counter Donald Trump's miserable acceptence of the NRA's branding of approval:

The Hill Reports
Clinton to counter Trump's NRA speech by Evelyn Rupert
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton countered her GOP rival Donald Trump's fiery NRA speech with an address of her own at an anti-gun violence event, on Saturday.

Clinton spoke on Saturday at the Circle of Mothers Conference in Florida, an event put on by the Trayvon Martin Foundation, named for the Florida teenager shot and killed by a neighborhood watch member in 2012. Martin's mother invited Clinton to speak at the event.

According to CNN, Clinton was set to refute Trump's stance on guns — like ending gun-free zones, a promise he made to the NRA.

Clinton speaks frequently about criminal justice reform and legislation aimed at reducing gun violence.

Leading up to the NRA's endorsement of Trump, hr has stepped up gun-related attacks on Clinton, accusing her of wanting to "abolish" the Second Amendment. (Of course, once again,Trump is telling more lies. What Secretary Clinton proposes is to reduce morbidities, mortalities and emotional harm caused by preventable gun violence.)

Never Trump.

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