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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

LePage changes story on how southern Maine could lose 900 jobs

LePage changes story on how southern Maine could lose 900 jobs: There has been widespread speculation for the past several days about what Gov. Paul LePage was talking about during his town hall meeting in Orono last week when he said a southern Maine business was cutting jobs.

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Maine Governor Paul LePage

Governor LePage created uncessary angst about the thought of Maine loosing another 900 jobs but he didn't back up his allegations with facts. Now, LePage blames state Democrats for the potential job losses, but he still won't reveal the source of his claim. It's not Maine Democrats who embarasses people with his serial inappropriate comments and accusations.  At the very least, a governor should set a tone of optimism.  Although Governor LePage has a habit of creating serial verbal gaffs, the statement about Maine loosing 900 jobs is beyond his own ineptness. Rather, it impacts innocent people and creates a sense of failure, rather than prosperity, about the state's economy.  Maine needs an optimistic leader who can build confidence in the state's economic future.  Governor LePage continues to create a vortex of negativity and it's sucking out all the political oxygen in the state. It's very difficult to support Governor LePage .In fact, I seldom, hear anybody even try.  


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