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Saturday, April 09, 2016

Grace Before Meals in Auburn Maine with Father Leo Patalinghug STL

A spiritually entertaining seminar raising the culinary arts to heavenly heights! Father Leo Patalinghug created a beautiful environment for faith development at the April 9th, Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland Maine's 5th annual Catholic Women's Conference, in Auburn Maine.
Father Leo Patalinghug

Mass was celebrated by Bishop Robert Deeley, followed by a program to "feed the lambs". Benediction with the Eucharist closed the program.

Father Leo spoke candidly, with humor and always with the focus on theological perspectives, as he instructed the 140 female attendees about the sincerety  of beauty.  "You are all beautiful," he emphasisized.  In fact, he encouraged women to continue to grow in beauty through our modesty, our fashion, our natural inclination to nurturing others and building a loving family- with (what else?) beautifully prepared food as a catalyst to support a delicious faith experience.
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At Great Falls Plaza on the beautiful Andrsocoggin River Falls in Auburn attendign the Catholic Women's Conference on April 9, 2016

Although Father Leo is a natural performer, he is an animated evangelist and an accomplished culinary chef. He juggles all of his talents like a priestly spinning acrobat. His onion ingredient becomes a root vegetable metaphor for growth in our faith.  His chef's knife becomes a plowshare.  

Roman Catholic Women are the key to the future of the faith. Women teach our faith to children at home and in schools, through instruction and by example. It's women who give birth to those who will continue to nurture our faith in the "foreverable" future. Therefore, it makes excellent sense (long overdue) to recognize Roman Catholic Women for our essential contribution to the sustainability of Roman Catholicism.  Father Leo "gets" this sustainable correlation. Moreover, his ability to relate to womens' multiple talents for nurturing is an enlightened message to build the self esteem of Roman Catholic women, by recognizing our expertise in child bearing and role modeling our faith for others.  
Julie L'Heureux (Maine Writer- left) and Jean Caron
nursing friends and colleagues attending the 5th Annual Catholic Women's Conference in Auburn, ME

Father Leo is a priest with the Voluntas Dei, a Secular Institute of Pontifical Rite.  He is blessed with charismatic gifts.  In fact, he's the founder, host and director of Grace Before Meals, an international apostolate to help strengthen families and relationships through God's gift of a family meal. Through entertainment, Fr. Leo answers the call Jesus asked of Simon:  "Feed my sheep."

Thank you "Grazie" and "Salamat" to the theologically brilliant and humorous spiritual charisma, shared today in Auburn, Maine by Father Leo Patalinghug.  Bon app├ętit!

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