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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Phyllis Schafley should know when to quit

Unfortunately, the world hasn't heard the end of Phyllis Schafley. Obviously, at 91 years old, she isn't dead yet, but she also can't accept her own political demise, either. 

It's impossible for me to understand how women have followed this politically extremist woman, who has been so bizarrely successful at creating a right wing movement powerful enough to prevent the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, a Constitutional Amendment that would have women with total equality under the law. She has wielded power beyond my ability to understand. Nevertheless, Shafley's advancing age has not dampened her quest for more power. At this point in her late life, Shafley should be seeking redemption, but she's intent on total control. She should heed the lyrics to the popular music of Kenny Rogers- "Know when to hold 'em Know when to fold 'em....know when to walk away, know when to run...."
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Phyllis Schafly was born in 1924 in St. Louis MO

Well Phyllis Shafley has never leaned the lesson taught by The Gambler.

Longtime Republican activist Phyllis Schlafly says the group she founded 44 years ago to promote a conservative agenda is trying to oust her because she endorsed Donald Trump. (Now, if only Maine could oust our own Governor so ealisy because Governor LePage did the same wrong minded endorsement.)
“It’s disloyal and it’s terribly shocking, and I’m completely depressed about it,” Schlafly told conservative site World Net Daily on Monday.

The 91-year-old GOP activist gave conflicting descriptions of a Monday special meeting in which she said members of her Eagle Forum group discussed removing her as the CEO and chairman of the board. She was first quoted by WND saying saying that six board members called the meeting, but the article later stated that Schlafly said only three people called the meeting. WND reported that Eagle Forum lawyers say the group's bylaws wouldn't recognize a meeting called by just three board members.

Schlafly’s son John, who serves as a board member and treasurer for the group, told the conservative news site that the meeting was called by Eagle Forum members “who feel Donald Trump is unacceptable as the GOP presidential candidate in 2016.”

Other Eagle Forum board members told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that the meeting ended inconclusively and Schlafly remains in her post for now. In a statement to the newspaper, they said that the group's president, Ed Martin, was ousted.

Schlafly, who appointed Martin in 2015, released her own statement saying that the meeting was “improper” and that its results “will not stand.”

Martin agreed that some on the board were plotting a coup, writing on the group’s Facebook site over the weekend that some members were planning “an upcoming hostile takeover of Eagle Forum’s board and its assets." He called Schlafly’s endorsement of Trump "a likely catalyst.”

Both Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) courted the conservative icon's vote. Schlafly endorsed Trump at a March campaign rally in her hometown of St. Louis, saying the GOP frontrunner has the “courage and the energy” to “do what the grassroots wants him to do.”

Members of Eagle Forum, including Schlafly’s own daughter Anne Cori, disagreed, making on-the-record statements in support of Cruz.

Cathie Adams, who served as the group’s president for 23 years, told the Dallas Morning News that the Trump campaign was “taking advantage” of the elderly activist.

“We have no respect for that man,” Adams said of Trump. “[Schlafly’s endorsement] is going to be widely dismissed. 

At 91 years old, it is just totally unfair to impose upon someone who has such a beautiful legacy.” (Oh paaaleeeze!)

Schlafly gained national prominence in the 1970s for her outspoken opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment, abortion and modern feminism. Today, she maintains an active presence on the Eagle Forum site, where she writes posts such as a recent April column titled "Chinese Crowding Our College Campuses."

Ms. Shafley has certainly lost track of her priorities as she faces her inevitable mortality. Obviously, she has forgotten about the humanity of all of us, who were made in God's image. It's my recommendation for Ms. Shafley to begin concentrating on what's important in her life, which is clearly not obsessing about the Chinese or endorsing the anti-Muslim positions of Donald Trump. She has to know when it's the proper time to "fold 'em". 

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